2020 Challenges/Events

~Reading Challenges~

2020 Victorian Reading Challenge  D O N E

Duration: January 2020 - December 2020

Goal: Quarterly Victorian Challenge - min. 4 books

Progress: 4/4


Reading Classic Books Challenge 2020
Duration: January 2020 - December 2020
Personal Goal: 7 classics (for 7 prompts)

Progress: 4/7

1. The Deerslayer (James Fenimore Cooper) - a classic over 500 pages
2. The Song of the Lark (Willa Cather) - a classic that takes place in a country other than where you live
3. One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) - a classic in translation
4. Dubliners (James Joyce) - a classic by a new to you author
5. Agnes Grey (Anne Bronte) - a classic written between 1800-1860
6. Silas Marner (George Eliot) - a classic written by a woman
7. The Pearl - a classic novella


The 2020 European Reading Challenge
Hosted by: Gilion @ Rose City Reader
Duration: January 2020 - January 2021
Goal: Four Star (Business Traveler) - 3 books

Progress: 2/3

1. Agnes Grey (Anne Bronte) - United Kingdom
2. Dubliners (James Joyce) - Ireland
3. The Fortune of the Rougons (Emile Zola) - France


Back to the Classics Challenge 2020
Hosted by: Karen @ Books and Chocolate
Duration: January 2020 - December 2020
Goal: Nine categories

Progress: 6/9

1. 19th Century Classic: Hard Times (Charles Dickens)
2. 20th Century Classic: This Side of Paradise (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
3. Classic by a Woman Author: The Song of the Lark (Willa Cather)
4. Classic in Translation: The Fortune of the Rougons (Emile Zola)
5. A Genre Classic: The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)
6. Classic with Nature in the Title: The Deerslayer (James Fenimore Cooper)
7. Classic with a Place in the Title: The Vicar of Wakefield (Oliver Goldsmith)
8.Classic About a Family: One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
9. Classic Adaptation: The The Pearl (John Steinbeck)


Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge
Hosted by: Rick @ The Mystillery
Duration: January 2020 - december 2020
Goal: 5 Agatha Christie

Progress: 4/6

1. The Sittaford Mystery
2. Peril at End House
3. Lord Edgware Dies
4. Murder on the Orient Express
5. Why didn't they ask Evans?
6. Three Act Tragedy


~Reading Events~

One Hundred Years of Solitude Readalong   -   D O N E
Host: Ruth @ A Great Book Study
Duration: March 4th 2020 - April 17th 2020


Zoladdiction 2020     -     D O N E
Host: Fanda @ Fanda Classiclit
Duration: April 2020

Personal Goal: 2 books

Progress: 1/1

1. The Kill


~Long Term Projects~

The Rougon-Macquart Project
A Personal Project
Duration: 2020 - 2023
Goal: 20 books

Progress of 2020: 2/4

1. The Fortune of the Rougons
2. The Kill
3. The Belly of Paris
4. The Conquest of Plassans


The Classics Club
Hosted by: The Classics Club
Duration: 2017 - 2022
Goal: 50 books

Progress of 2020: 7/12

3. The Deerslayer (James Fenimore Cooper)
5. The Pearl (John Steinbeck)
8. The Man Who Was Thursday (G.K. Chesterton)
10. The Vicar of Wakefield (Oliver Goldsmith)
11. Dubliners (James Joyce)



  1. Thanks for signing up for the European Reading Challenge! You have great books on your list. Remember each book has to be set in a different country or be written by an author from a different country. So only book can count for the UK. Of course, Othello can be either Italy or Cyprus, and Under the Net can be France. Happy reading!

    1. Oops... I must have been dreaming not realizing that we should pick different countries! Thanks for pointing that out, Gilion. I have edited the entries (as well as my goal).

  2. Thank you, Fanda, for joining us in our read-along of One Hundred Years. It will be my second read, which after reading it, I left it feeling perplexed and intrigued at the same time. Silvia inspired me to return to it, to relive it. It will be like a new first time reading for me. Hope all who join will be able to encourage each other have a great experience with it. It is really unique.

    Looks like you have another great year lined up.

    1. Thanks first of all for deciding to host the readalong, Ruth. I've bee meaning to read it for years, but honestly, I'm no fan of magical realism. Hope this readalong encourage me to go through the the hundred years! :)

  3. I've joined the Back to the Classics Challenge this year, too. It will be my only challenge for 2020, though I'm kind of, sort of, trying to read all of Proust's In Search of Lost Time. But I'm not pushing it. Song of the Lark is a Cather that I still need to read! I love her so much. And I just picked up another copy of Othello at Barnes & Noble a few days ago because it was on clearance. I almost put One Hundred Years of Solitude on my list (in fact, it was on my list but I deleted it) as well, but I'm already reading Love in the Time of Cholera this year (which was published after 1970 so doesn't fit the challenge), so I didn't want to have two Marquez books planned....although, I'm also reading Toni Morrison's Sula this year and went ahead and added The Bluest Eye to my list, so where's my logic? Who knows!? Ha! Good luck to you!

    1. Same here. I skipped B2tC last year, and only come back this year.

      Tackling Proust would be a mammoth project, so it's wise to not overambitious with too much challenges. Good luck with yours, Adam!

  4. Iloved The Moonstone! I just gobbled it up! And I'll be looking forward to your review of The Vicar of Wakefield. It's sort of like a soap opera but it's well-written and one of my favourites! Have fun with your challenges!

    1. Wow, now I can't wait to read The Vicar of Wakefield. Actually, it's not initially in my original list; I just added it because I found a cheap 2nd copy, and bought it with the others. Now it seems to be awise investment, anyway. :)

  5. EXCELLENT choice for a book about a family. 100 Years is as much about a family as you can get.

    1. Yes, Joseph! I saw 100 Years picked for the family category in some of the participants.

  6. That is a lot of books! It's awesome to set the bar high - I hope you get to them all!

    1. Indeed Amy, it adds the excitement, doesn't it? But actually, it may looks like there's a lot of books, while in fact, I put same books for more than one challenges. :P

  7. Will there be sign-ups for Zoladdiction 2020? I didn't sign up last year but I want to be sure and participate next time! I have FIVE unread Zolas on my TBR shelf, and will probably read The Bright Side of Life or maybe The Sin of Abbe Mouret (because it's the shortest of the five!) I also own La Debacle but it's the longest and it's about war which isn't really my thing.

    1. Yes, Karen. Actually I am preparing the post to be published on March 2nd.
      I'm glad you decided to participate again this year - both The Bright Side and Abbe Mouret are great. Also La Debacle, really. Just wait for three more nights... :)


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