Literary Movement Reading Challenge 2015 – February: Renaissance (1500 – 1670)

Although the Italian Renaissance is most familiar to students, the literary output of Renaissance England rivals anything else of the period. Spanning the years 1500-1660, the English Renaissance produced some of the greatest works of literature the world has known. The spirit of optimism, unlimited potential, and the stoic English character all coalesced to generate literature of the first order. At the same time, England graduated from an overlooked “barbarian” nation to a seat of commercial power and influence. This power naturally translated into a literature that was bold, sweeping, innovative, and trend-setting. Poets experimented with form, and dramatists revived and reinvented the classical traditions of the Greeks and Romans. [Source]

Some of Renaissance authors:
(you may pick other authors outside this list)

William Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
John Milton
Sir Thomas More
Niccolo Machiavelli

You can submit your review posts on Renaissance books in the linky below (linky will be opened on February 15th, 2015)


  1. seem to have missed the deadline - sorry - thought it closed on the 15th but obviously not - my internet connection has been down this week have only just got it back - if anyone is interested here my link to Feb challenge…ment-challenge/

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