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As a Lector at my local Church (Roman Catholic), I often give readings of the Bible at Sunday Mass. However, as Rome sets certain scripts we must read for each Mass, I haven’t got chance to read the whole books. Right now I am having a self project to create an audio book of Book of Isaiah (Kitab Yesaya) because my mom, in her old age, has difficulties to read from the Bible, and so has developed a habit of listening to audio books. I have got her a Bible audio book, but unfortunately it doesn’t cover all the books, especially for Old Testament. Then I thought, why don’t I use my talent as Lector to provide my mom with a proper reading of Old Testament? So, that’s how I started this project last month, using my Android phone to record my voice reading Book of Isaiah.

Then it suddenly occurred to me to read the Book of Isaiah, not only as religious verses, but also as a literary work. Isaiah is one of the most beautiful works in Old Testament. I love most of the poems (and it contains of more poems than prose, indeed). So, I was thinking of starting my personal project (I won’t call it challenge, because this time I want to read not for target achievement, but for soul fulfillment).

Now, this would be a bit awkward. As I naturally read the Indonesian translation Bible (I read it at Church as Lector), I would read the same version for this project. So, although this blog is mostly in English, writing the post for this particular project in Bahasa Indonesia is really unavoidable. Sometimes I would also upload my own voice reading some of my favorite poems or just verses (also in Bahasa Indonesia). You can still use the Google Translation tool if you want to check on it sometime.

Again, as this is not a challenge, I don’t target myself to read all the books in Old Testament, I only read what I desire (or in this case, what my mom request!). I might not write down every chapter, I only post whenever it interests me from time to time. I’ll keep the index here in this page.


My Progress:

Yesaya 1 - Yesaya 2-4 - Yesaya 5 - Yesaya 6

Mazmur 23

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