About Me

Welcome to Fanda Classiclit, an online journal where I post my feelings and thoughts on Classics Literature!


Who is Fanda?


  • I am an Indonesian woman with reading passion.
  • English is my second language, and I have never read or studied classic literature BEFORE 2009.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird was my first classic, but after that, I could not stop reading classics.
  • Until 2011 I have read only Indonesian translation of classics literature, until I braved myself to read an English copy of A Christmas Carol in December 2011 (consulting dictionary in almost every sentence!).
  • I have a full-time job as a Business Assistant in a private office, and in leisure time I read and blog.
  • Besides classics, from time to time I also enjoy historical fiction and popular fiction (mostly crime/detective).



What Can You Find at Fanda Classiclit?


  • Well, mostly my thoughts (reviews) on classics I have read.
  • Émile Zola is my favorite classic author, so expect posts about him every now and then… :)
  • Besides reviews, I also manage two blog features: Classic Character and Author Birthday.
  • I also love reading challenges, and occasionally I post bookish memes, tags, or just sharing MY bookish life.
  • Oh, and have I told you about #Zoladdiction – a Zola reading event I host every year? Come here next April, and you’ll know how I love Zola! :)



Happy reading! And you’re welcome to stay and read as much as you want!





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  1. You write well, and it's so nice to find someone reading and enjoying classic literature.


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