Thursday, April 4, 2024

Agatha Christie Short Stories 2024: APRIL #AgathaChristieSS24

How have your #AgathaChristieSS24 so far? I am enjoying mine. Reading short stories as standalones is well worth it! But now we are in the second third of our journey. Here are two stories we are going to read:


Boarding the Orient Express at the Gare de Lyon, a young woman discovers the presence of the detective Parker Pyne on the train, who is there to solve a jewel robbery that hasn’t happened yet. She thinks she might know the intended victim…

Published in 1934, this story first appeared in the US in Cosmopolitan magazine, and later in the collection of short stories, Parker Pyne Investigates. One interesting fact about this story is that Parker Pyne seems to become Poirot's shadow. Like Poirot, Pyne travels down the Nile and encountered murder. He's travelling on the Orient Express, meeting people in crisis, and even collaborating with Ariadne Oliver to solve the mystery. Not mentioning the appearance of another figure who usually appears in Poirot's stories...


Elderly Mr Maltravers is found dead in a field, with his grieving wife claiming it has been natural causes. But as he recently took out life insurance, the company bring in Poirot to establish if it was suicide. The story was first published in 1924 as a book in the collection Poirot Investigates by Bodley Head.

Which one are you more excited to read? I think I will read the Poirot first, as it sounds rather boring. Then end it with the seemingly more fun Parker Pyne. What about you? ;)


  1. Haven't decided which one I'll read first though I'm looking forward to both!

  2. Finally posted my review for the first one (already reading the ones I haven't read yet):
    Hmm, I thought we had more participants

    1. Thank you, Emma! Have directly read your review in Goodreads, and just realized that we aren't friends yet! :)
      It was a fun one, isn't it? I didn't remember reading many Parker Pyne before, but so far they are highly enjoyable.


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