Monday, December 19, 2016

Brona’s Salon: Time for Another Dickens

If you like to talk about books you are reading, this might suit you well: Brona’s Salon. It’s a new meme which aims to gather a group of like-minded bookish people 'under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.'

I am in the middle of an exciting book right now, and am so exciting to share it with you…

 What are your currently reading?

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

How did you find out about this book?

I always love to read Dickens, and have meaning to read all his books.

Why are you reading it now?

There is no more perfect time to read Dickens than December! Do you agree? ;)

 First impressions? 

The opening is really dark, so at first I was afraid it would be as dark as The Mystery of Edwin Drood. But it turned out to be not that dark after all, although it’s still quite mysterious. Gaffer Hexam found a body drowned in the river, and it was believed to be John Harmon’s. Harmon’s father has inherited his assets to John on condition that he must marry a poor girl named Bella Wilfer. It was on his way back home to London that John Harmon was drowned.

That was only a summary for first chapter. Then the story unfolds to so many characters and background stories, that you can’t put it down too long without the risk of losing track of the story. See…. Dickens is always perfect for December reading!

Which character do you relate to so far?

Eugene Wrayburn, the barrister. From his first appearance, I was at once in love with his straightforward, laid back and insolent character.

Are you happy to continue?

Definitely! I am now in page 400s, and this book is becoming more and more interesting. Although the mystery around John Harmon has been slowly unfolding, it’s still interesting to see what would happen to the main characters. Finger-cross for the happiness of Lizzie Hexam!

Where do you think the story will go? 

As with all Dickens’ stories, I think it will end up good for the poor and honest lots, but the hypocritical ones will suffer.

So, how is your December reading so far?


  1. December is hot & humid & crazy busy here & I struggle to read anything heavy. I love the idea of Dickens in December but I simply couldn't do it justice. I'll have to wait til the winter months to tackle my next one.

    I think it was Melissa @avidreader who recently read this book too - with a lot of love.
    I'm still enjoying the good memories from my reading of Bleak House a couple of years ago. Dickens has that effect I guess.

    1. Yes, I am reading OMF along with her & Jenna, but I started quite late.

      I still haven't read Bleak House. Been hearing a lot of praises about it, and I have wanted to read it for long. Hopefully I can make it next year!


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