Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico

🔹️ The first time I've heard about Paul Gallico was when I read his children-fantasy book: Manxmouse. His writing style is straightforward but nicely flows.

🔹️ Gallico wrote Mrs. Harris (Mrs. 'Arris) as a series of four novels. I read the first two: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Mrs. Harris Goes to New York in a combined edition.

🔹️ Mrs. Ada Harris is a professional London charwoman, whose clientele are mostly wealthy and influential households. She saw a beautiful Dior's evening gown at one of her employer, and longed to buy one for herself.

🔹️ A combination of luck and perseverance eventually got her the chance to travel to Paris to buy a dress at the House of Dior. Can you imagine what kind of troubles she'd undertake to just arrive at the House of Dior - not mentioning to procure the dress?
🔹️ Mrs. Harris is an independent, adventurous, very clever, warmhearted woman. I love her views about hardworking. Though cleaning houses isn't the most enviable job, Mrs. 'Arris is very proud of her profession, and she derives a personal satisfaction from doing her job thoroughly and professionally.
🔹️ Her most valuable asset is her genuine congeniality. She touched heart and changed life of anyone she's met during her adventure. And that's how things became possible for her - that, and her optimism.
🔹️ The story is humorous and heartwarming. And it is set beautifully in Paris! A perfect book for Paris in July reading event (make sure you pick this one next year!), and the kind of reading you'd need when you're down.😊

Rating: 4,5 / 5


  1. I found a couple of his books secondhand - Mrs Harris Goes to new York, which I haven't read yet & Trial by Terror, set in Communist Hungary. Very different to The Snow Goose which was the first one I'd read. I'll see if I can find the Paris book, too. :)

    1. Mrs. Harris Goes to New York is also hilarious, but in my opinion, isn't as good as the Paris story.
      I have yet to read The Snow Goose - but from its synopsis, it seems to be not as cheerful as Mrs. Harris, does it?


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