Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Birthday & Reading Dickens Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all of you who have participated in my Birthday Celebration, either in Reading Dickens Event and/or My Birthday Giveaway. Now it’s time to announce the lucky winner.

Although I didn’t pick any Dickens work this year, still I was entertained by the real facts about his life and personal characters after reading Claire Tomalin’s The Invisible Woman. It gave me clear sight of the real social condition in Victorian era, as well as what kind of person Charles Dickens was.

There were seven more reviews on Dickens books and book about Dickens, you can check them here. From the seven posts, I picked one number randomly, and the lucky one is…..


Congratulations to Ruth! I would contact you via email soonest possible.

Thank you too for participating in My Birthday Giveaway, and welcome to my new followers! From all you entries, I have randomly picked one, which belongs to….

Ekaterina @InMyBookBlog

Congrats Ekaterina! Just wait for my email very soon!

For now, goodbye February! It’s been a nice and exciting month, but I still have another exciting month to come….. Zoladdiction 2014 in April. Care to join too? Sign yourself up!


  1. Oh, awesome! Thank you, Fanda. I am totally surprised.
    Thanks for hosting this.

    1. Glad to have sent you a pleasant surprise.. ;)

  2. Great! I've never won anything before, I'm so excited! :) Thanks a lot for hosting! :) I'll have a look at BookDepository later today! :)

    1. Wow...so today seems to be your lucky day, then :)


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