Monday, November 17, 2014

Book Kaleidoscope 2014

Near the end of the year is the perfect time to highlight our reading lives for the whole year we are about to leave behind. That is the main purpose of this feature—now the third year—Book Kaleidoscope. It is my way of wrapping up and rewinding my yearly reading, at the end of it. Now I invite you all to participate in the Book Kaleidoscope 2014.

Same as last year, here are the details,

  • There will be five categories and five separate posts for each.
  • Each post will have its own linky; each will be opened until January 15th, 2014.
  • The linky will be opened below each of my posts.
  • I will post according to my own scheduled date, but you can choose your most convenient time to post it, as long as it’s not later than January 15th.
  • You can use any books to join (don’t have to be classics, but it must be fiction).
  • I’d be grateful if you put a link back to this master post in your Book Kaleidoscope posts, but it’s not obligatory.

Day 1 - Top Five Book Boy/Girl Friends

From all the books you have read throughout the year, rank five male characters (if you are female) or five female characters (if you are male) you loved most. Tell us the reason, and it would be great if you use images to describe them (if the book has been made into movie, you can share photo(s) of the best actors/actresses to perform them).
My post schedule: 26 December 2014

Day 2 – Top Five Most Memorable Quotes

Do you have any quotes that touched you deeply or reminded you of something special from what you have read this year? Pick five that were most memorable to you, rank them, and let us know why they’re special.
My post schedule: 27 December 2014

Day 3 – Top Five Best Book Covers

Rank five covers of books you have read in 2014. Pick the edition that you really read, but if you read ebook, at least pick one that you used for your post. Tell us why you think them gorgeous.
My post schedule: 29 December 2014

Day 4 – Top Five of Your Own Category

I dedicated day 4 as freebie day. Pick your own category (besides the existing four)—any aspects from books. Rank five of your most favorites, and tell us why you chose them. If you don’t have any (better) idea, you are welcomed to join mine: Top Five Underappreciated Secondary Characters.
My post schedule: 30 December 2014

Day 5 – Top Five Most Favorite Books

No explanation needed for this category, of course…; just rank and let us know books you find most awesome, and you have enjoyed the most! (and why…).
My post schedule: 31 December 2014

No subscription is needed; just post and submit your links. For any question, post in the comment box, or mention me on twitter: @Fanda_A using hashtag: #BookKaleidoscope2014.

Let’s rewind it and have fun! :)


  1. This looks fun! Um, I may populate it about 50% with material from Kindly Inquisitors, though. I'll have to think about it.

    1. That's alright, Jean. Sometimes tehre is one book that dominates our readings of the whole year...

  2. This sounds like fun! I love looking over the books I've read and figuring out which ones I liked the most. :)

    1. Yes! It sums up our reading, and highlights the gems we have found in a year. Hope you'll be in! ;)

  3. This is such a neat idea! I'm going to have to do this. :)

  4. I've been thinking about doing some kind of review for the year, but this seems like a better idea than just one wrap-up post. I'm in! :)

  5. I will participate! My posts are set to go up the same days yours do, Fanda. I don't know why we're skipping 12/28, but I'll skip with you. :-)

    1. Yay.... I'm glad you'll participate this year, Marianne. We are skipping 12/28 because I don't usually like to post anything on Sundays. I believe Sundays are for God and family; so I won't interrupt you with any posts to read. :)


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