Friday, May 15, 2015

Literary Movement Reading Challenge 2015: May Transcendentalism Check-In

I have a slight regret to leave the Romanticism behind. It has been very entertaining, really! For a month we were brought to escape the harsh reality of life and enter the romantic, though fictitious, world. But, alas! Everything has an end, and now we must return to the reality. May Transcendentalism for #LitMoveRC begin today! The linky for May Transcendentalism is now opened; you can submit your reviews/posts until June 15th.

If last month we are discussing most excited movement(s) to come, our question of the month is the opposite:

After May Transcendentalism, which movement that you are least anticipated? Why?

Mine is the November Beat Generation/Bloomsbury, simply because I am not convenient with the freedom theme. I am wondering whether I’m going to like it, and whether I have chosen the most suitable book (to my taste). We’ll see then…

Meanwhile, I have finished Alcott’s Little Women for Transcendentalism, and will soon move on to Thoreau’s Walden. Hopefully I can still make it on time!

How are you progressing so far?


  1. I'm reading Alcott's "Work," which is a novel for adults. Theme: what should a woman do? Christie, our heroine, tries out all sorts of different jobs as she searches for her true calling and home. It's really preachy. I'm about halfway through.

    What I'm not looking forward to: well, it was this one, but after that I'll say existentialism.

  2. Romanticisim was really fascinating. However, there were too many books to read, but the time, as usual, was insufficient. As for Transcendentalism, I read Emerons's "Nature" and "Self-Reliance", and Just finished Thoreau's "Walden". Both were very beautiful works. I wanted to read Alcott's "Little Women", "Littlem Men", and "Jo's Boys", but :D

    I love the idea of this very beautiful challenge. However, like you I think the Beat Generation is the least anticipated. But, I'm very eager to start the Victorian Movement, and I have lots of books to read.


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