Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Literary Movement Reading Challenge 2015: July Realism Check-In

We are now half way through the #LitMoveRC, yay! It’s been the toughest challenge I have been hosting so far, really! However, it’s really exciting to read from different era each month; it encourages me to enlarge my reading horizon. This month we are tackling Realism. One question for all of you:

Which one do you prefer, the complexity and epic turn in Romanticisms/Victorians, or the flat quiet plot in Realisms?

I like them both, but Victorian and Romanticism are always my favorites (Dickens, Dumas). They provide me the fullest satisfaction in reading. Realism, and later on Naturalism, often gives me a “pang” in the ending, but they teach me much about real life and real people. What about you?

Don’t forget… The linky for July Realism is now opened; you can submit your reviews/posts until August 15th.


  1. Fanda,
    I'm still loving this challenge.
    But I must have chosen the wrong book for realism b/c I am not loving it. I'm reading Life on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain, and I was so excited about starting it; but now I hate it. It is so boring. And I'm only half way through. I don't think I have time to start something else and finish it in time, so I am going to complete this book and be disappointed about my choice.
    I probably would have really enjoyed realism, but I just chose the wrong book.

    1. Ha! I ended up not finishing it. I was driving myself crazy.
      Here's my half report:

      If I really wanted to read Mark Twain for realism, I should have just reread Huckleberry Finn.

  2. I guess my choice wasn't too good either; I tried to read Wings of the Dove, by Henry James, and I FAILED. Here is my blog post, since it doesn't count as a proper entry.

    Instead, I chose a book of James' short stories and have read two. THOSE I enjoyed!

  3. Here is my successful post about three Jamesian short stories:


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