Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Literary Movement Reading Challenge 2015: August Naturalism Check-In

As if my present hectic activities have not been enough to rob my reading and blogging time, I have got bronchitis since last week that caused me to take two days sick leave! Well…maybe it’s my body giving me signal to slow a bit down. But the good news is, I had some relaxed moments during my rest to savour another Zola J for August Naturalism! There’ll always time for Zola!...

Anyway, #LitMoveRC is entering its eighth month. The linky for August Naturalism is already up, you can link up your posts until September 15th.

Now I am curious…

Which month or movement was your biggest fail?

For me, it’s last month’s Realism. I was excited to have another Henry James, The Golden Bowl, for this movement. However, before getting through the first 50 pages, I got so bored with it that I finally gave up and put it down after about page 90s. The dialogs were dense with hidden meanings in words and in gesture that puzzled me. So, I picked my second choice for Realism: Balzac’s Père Goriot, and I loved it so much! Pity, I didn’t have time to review it before the bronchitis overtook me.

Well, what about you? I hope you had it much better…


  1. Last month was also bad for me, as I failed with a different James book and only saved myself with a couple of short stories. This month isn't so hot either, as I'm in a serious reading slump and only just remembered to get hold of a copy of Kate Chopin's Awakening. It's fine so far, though; I can read it.

    1. I liked James' Portrait of a Lady, so I thought I might enjoy his other books. It's said that The Golden Bowl was his more mature work, so....

      Good luck with this month's reading, Jean!

  2. Me, too, Fanda. I was so disappointed, both with my Mark Twain book and the Realism lit movement. I thought I would have enjoyed it the most, but I think I just need to make a book better choice next time.

    1. It's really not too bad if we come to the right books. I have picked the wrong James', and Balzac turned out to be more Naturalist.

      I haven't tried any Twain's after Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn. Maybe overall, Realism isn't for me. :)


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