Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Challenges Update: January

Mid January… I am still a bit busy preparing the annual tax report at work, but here is just a quick update on my challenges progress.

Book(s) read = 3
Review(s) posted = 1
  1. Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier for #TBR2018RBR
  2. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux for Back to the Classics Challenge 2018 (Re-read a favorite classic)
  3. Towards Zero by Agatha Christie for Back to the Classics Challenge 2018 (a classic crime story). Reviews for the last two are on progress.

Question of the month from #TBR2018RBR:

Which book on your 2018 list has been on your shelf the longest?
It should be The End of the Affair (Graham Greene). I remember buying it in a local second-hand bookstall for my used-to-be online second-hand bookstore. It has closed since 2014, but I still kept some of the books I wanted to read; this one is one of the few.

Overall, I have been super productive this month, having read 3 books, and am starting the fourth only today. The first one was also my first review for my other blog: A Glimpse to the Past, which I have been neglecting for three years! 

My favorite so far is Towards Zero, which was quite surprising. Hopefully I can keep this pace throughout the year!

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