Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Announcing Zoladdiction 2019 | #Zoladdiction2019 – Sign Up

Get ready, Zoladdicts!… coz Zoladdiction will be back in less than a month! For you who aren’t familiar with it, Zoladdiction is a yearly dedication to the French Naturalist writer: Émile Zola. For a month every April we will do Zola-ish things. Why April? Because it’s Zola’s birth month (he’s born on 2nd April 1840). The main object is to promote or (if you haven’t known him) to get to know Zola’s writing and works. And I can guarantee you, in the process you’ll have so much fun! ;) I have been hosting this for six years now, and am very much hoping that you’d join me this year!

What will we do? Let’s get down to it…

Signing up

  • To help spreading the words, this year I encourage you to post on your blog or social media your participation in Zoladdiction,. But it’s really up to you; you are free to participate silently too if you want.. :) Want to list books you plan to read? You’re welcome! We’ll be delighted to find a reading partner! (^_-)
  • Next, put link to your (blog or social media) post in the linky below, so we all know who we’re having fun with!
  • The linky will be closed in 30 days, but you’re free to join in anytime during April.
  • Share your posts on Twitter and/or Instagram, with hashtag #Zoladdiction2019.


  • Read anything Zola: books by him – you can look in here for inspiration, books about Zola (fiction or nonfiction), or Zola’s short stories, or just essays about Zola’s works. You can read only one work, or as many as you want.
  • Write a review for books you read, it can be on blog or just a few sentences on your Twitter or Instagram, then put the link in the linky below Master Post (will be published on 1st April). The linky will be up around the 15th or 20th, and will be there for a month, so you will have about two weeks to finish your review.
  • Share your posts on Twitter and/or Instagram, with hashtag #Zoladdiction2019


  • Not only reviews, you can post anything about Zola. You just found something interesting about Zola’s personal life, perhaps? Or you feel like writing an essay about his writing style? Just share it with us!
  • Don’t forget to link it up in the linky (same linky with the reviews).
  • For more fun…. I have provided some prompts to get you creative :) You may post on Instagram, Twitter, or blog, anyway suits you. Use hashtag #Zoladdiction2019 on Twitter and Instagram.
  • I can only think up to 11 prompts so far, so if you have ideas, please share, I’d be more than glad to use it!
  • You can post whenever you want during April, and you can repeat each prompt as many times as you can.
  • Only for number 2, let us post on April 2nd to celebrate Zola’s birthday! If you are too busy to post regularly, I’d be grateful if you can join us at least on this one only

Here are they:

My Zola stack – show off your stack for #Zoladdiction2019

02 (only on April 2nd)
My Zoladdiction – today is Zola’s birthday; how deep is your love for (or just knowledge about) Zola? Show us! (selfie or shelfie is allowed) (^_-)


1st lines – of the book you’re reading

I’m reading Zola – show us the proof! 😏

Zola Scholar – introduction or notes from editor (or author - if non-Zola) of book you’re reading

My Edition – book cover show-off time!

Chapter capture – capture 1st page of the chapter you’re in!

Gets Artsy! – painting or other arts related to the book you’re reading!

Zola the man – personal or family photos which intrigued you

Landscape – Zola was an Impressionist at heart, and novel was his canvas! Capture these from book you’re reading!

Lighting – Like a painter, lighting and angle was important for Zola in presenting his scenes. Capture these from book you’re reading!

I will make an e-poster of these prompts to be posted on IG and Twitter, for easy reminder. If you haven’t, please follow me on IG and/or Twitter: @fanda_a to get updates on #Zoladdicton2019.

And now, I’m sooo exciting to begin! Aren’t you? ;)


  1. I have several Zolas still unread, I will REALLY try this year to read one in April -- and I can count it for the Back to the Classics Challenge! I'm thinking The Bright Side of Life or maybe The Debacle. And I still haven't read The Fortunes of the Rougons! I will also have to post a photo of my Zola stack. Thanks again for hosting!

    1. I'm happy to have you back, Karen! I hope you will pick The Bright Side of Life, coz I'll be reading that one too, and perhaps writing an article about it (if I have time!) ;)

  2. Very excited!! Will get back to you with some prompt ideas when my brain gets creative !!

    1. I know, I can always count on you, Brona! (^_-)

  3. I'm in - I have so many Zola's to read that it's going to be tough to choose which to read

    1. Yay - thank you for joining!
      I browsed your blog just now, and am very excited to learn that you are having a Zola project! And in fact you have read many of my favorites.

      Have fun, then, with Zoladdiction! :)


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