Monday, February 1, 2021

Nicholas Nickleby Readalong 2021 Master Post

Welcome to the Nicholas Nickleby Readalong 2021! For the next six weeks we will read the 70 chapters of Charles Dickens' third novel which was originally published as serial (monthly installments) in March 1838 - October 1839, titled: The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.


in six weeks

1st week (February 1~February 6): Ch. 1-11
2nd week (February 7~February 13): Ch. 12-21
3rd week (February 14~February 20): Ch. 22-31
4th week (February 21~February27): Ch. 32-41
5th week (February 28~March 6): Ch. 42-51
6th week (March 7~March 13): Ch. 52-70

March 14~March 20: REVIEW/WRAP UP


⭐ I plan to publish an update post every weekend, along with one or two questions/topics for discussion from the chapters we have read for the week. You are welcomed to join the discussions in the comment box, but if you are already chapter(s) ahead, please refrain from any spoilers!
⭐ You are welcomed to post quotations or updates, etc. in either blog or Twitter during the readalong. I may pick several to be featured in my update posts. Just remember to put the hashtag: #NicholasNickleby2021 or mention me @fanda_a.
⭐ I don't use linky for this event, so just drop link to your posts on the comment box of any of my master/update posts or mention me on Twitter, and I will link back to your posts from my update posts.


✔ Dickens started writing Nickleby while still working with Oliver Twist.
✔ A Mr. William Shaw of Shaw's Academy was long been believed to be the inspiration of Mr. Wackford Squeers, the brutal schoolmaster of Dotheboys Hall in this book.
✔ Within two years after Nickleby's publication, almost all the cheap and inhumane schools had been closed down, thanks to Dickens.
✔ in 1838 Dickens and Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne), Dickens' illustrator, visited schools in Yorkshire in secret to investigate. During this visit, they found a cemetery with gravestones of the dead schoolboys who were victims of the inhumane treatments of the schools. This visit later inspired Dickens' character: Smike.
✔ Nicholas Nickleby is the book that set Dickens' place in the high society of Victorian society, and brought him fame.

Now... are you ready to have this six weeks journey with Nickolas Nickleby? Let's do it!


  1. I'm going to try this, though I'm sure I won't post every week.

    Have you seen this at Lory's blog?

    She's looking at books about the theater, including a number of novels featuring theatrical companies. Nicholas Nickleby fits right in!

    1. Ah yes... I read somewhere that there will be some theatre scenes in this book. Can't wait to read it!
      Reese, the most important part is reading, no pressure on posting! ^_^

    2. I've read this before and it's the theater scenes I remember the best. Mr. Crummles! The Infant Phenomenon!

  2. Good luck with your readalong Fanda! If I hadn't been hosting my own Wolf Hall readalong, I might have found a way to join in yours too :-)
    But will definitely see you for Zoladdiction!

    1. Thank you, Brona! And good luck with your readalong too!
      Can't wait to have OUR date with Abbe Mouret in April... :P


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