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The Penderwicks on Gardam Street (2008) by Jeanne Birdsall

👭 When Rachel (Hamlette) of Hamlette's Soliloqui announced the We 🖤 Sibling Stories Week, I knew it's time to revisit The Penderwicks - the first of which series I'd read many years ago. The Penderwicks consist of the father, four sisters (who might remind you of the four sisters in Little Women), and a dog.

👭 It's four years after their mother's death, the Penderwick sisters live on Gardam Street, still with their father, and the dog. Rosalind, the elder, has grown up to be the little housewife of the family. She's responsible, much matured for her age, and little Batty - the youngest - depends on her much like a child to a mother (she can't sleep before Rosalind tells her a story - nobody can tell stories like Rosalind!). The second sister Skye is the tomboy (like Jo in Little Women?) and the most intelligent one. She's obsessed with math, logics, and scientific stuffs. Jane, on the contrary, is the most imaginative and romantic one in the family. She's the poet and writer. Last but not least, is little Batty, the imaginative kid who loves animals.

👭 On the fourth year of their mother's death, the Penderwicks is visited by Aunt Claire who brings an unpleasant tidings from the past: a letter written by their late mother right before her death. It's her wish that Mr. Penderwick starts dating again. This gives the Penderwicks such a consternation, who had hitherto live comfortably in each other's company. The sisters, worrying that they might end up living with a terrible stepmother, devise a plan to thwart any chance of their father marrying again.

👭 The Save-Daddy Plan - that's the name of their mission. As usual, when something crucial happens, Rosalyn as the eldest, would call for a MOPS - Meeting Of Penderwick Sisters, where they vow of secrecy. It's decided then that, as they couldn't prevent their dad of dating - it's their mother's wishes too anyway - they could choose a terrible date for daddy, that he would hate! Little do they know that Mr. Penderwick himself has some secret plans on his mind about this dating business. You can imagine how hilarious they're to read - hilarious, warm, and charming!

👭 I love the sisters' dynamic relationship, and how they support each other, while always maintaining the Penderwicks honor! My favorite plot is Skye and Jane's swapping homework - Jane is writing play for Skye, while Skye is doing an essay for Jane. You know how these would go in consequence. They provide more laughter and drama to our delightful read! All in all, it's a satisfying, entertaining read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

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  1. I really enjoyed the first Penderwicks book, which was a gift from someone who was so eager to have someone to discuss it with that she mailed me her copy! I am not sure why I haven't read more in the series. Thank you for the reminder! I am also finishing a book that might be good for Siblings Week.


    1. You're lucky to have such a friend! :)
      If the blog party isn't happening, I wouldn't have read this book, though I told myself over and over: I need to read more of the series. The problem is, there's always more series out there than we can read! :))


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