Wednesday, January 1, 2014

History Reading Challenge 2014 – Master Post

Attention! Passengers on board of the Sail to the Past: History Reading Challenge 2014….it’s time for us to start our yearlong voyage. For you who haven’t got the ticket subscribed for this voyage, please do so in the sign up post. You can also find all detailed information about this challenge in the same post.

There will be two linky below this post, the first is for REVIEWS, and the second one is for ANALYSIS. Be careful not to put your linky in the wrong place!

Just to remind you, if you’d like to challenge yourself to analyze the history you’ve just read, I have provided several questions that you can pick randomly. Please check it in the sign up post. The analysis is optional, and you are free to pick the questions that suit you. If you are doing WEM project, you might post the questions in more than one post—it’s OK, you CAN put more than one analysis post for every book in the linky.

There will be two giveaways at the end of the challenge, one for review posts, the other for analysis posts.

Every two or three months (depending on my schedule), there would be check-in posts here. Maybe it’s just to check how far our progresses are, or whether we have problems with a book or two, or anything I can think of then. So it’d be better to follow me or this blog one or other way, so you’d be updated of every news. You can also follow my twitter: @Fanda_A, I'll twit about this challenge using hashtag #HistoryRC.

Now, let us just kick-off the challenge, and start the reading!




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