Friday, December 26, 2014

Book Kaleidoscope 2014 - Day 1: Top Five Book Boy Friends

This is the first day of Book Kaleidoscope 2014, the rewinding of bookish aspects of books we have read this year. I did not find many perfect heroes this year; most of the male protagonists were average. So, these are five of my best picks for book boyfriends, and the actors who best played (or will best play) them:

#5.  Edward Ferrars
Sense and Sensibility

Okay, maybe Edward Ferrars is not a distinguished fiction character. I admitted that he is here, more, because Dan Stevens plays him in the 2008 mini-series adaptation…! *blushing* But an ordinary man as he is, Edward has quite an interesting side—quietly interesting. Edward is not ambitious, but honorable. What distinguished him is his principle to be fair and good to others. He is willing to sacrifice his own happiness (to marry Elinor) because of his promise to Lucy. He doesn’t seem quite strong, however he is brave enough to disobey his mother and reject fortune. Shy, honorable, brave, humble; just an interesting combination in a boyfriend, eh?

Dan Stevens (2008 – TV miniseries)

#4.  Mr. Rochester
Jane Eyre

I don’t think I would have liked Jane Eyre if there was no Mr. Rochester! Now this is an eccentric man with strong personality, whom you could hardly forget if he ever… ehm… enters your life. Edward Rochester is not handsome, but has a vigorous and temperamental character. His morality was perhaps a bit loose, but he does not hesitate to sacrifice his life when others are in danger. He could be a better man if his past don’t overshadow his youth, but sometimes, a rebellious man is more attractive than a perfect one…as a boyfriend at least. Do you agree? ;)

Toby Stephens (2006 – TV miniseries)

#3  Uncas
The Last of the Mohicans

Uncas is an Indian native from Mohicans tribe. He is not the main protagonist, and though the number of his dialogs is not significant (you know how little Indians talk!), yet the power of his soul covered the whole story. He is brave, honest, pure-hearted; and as a man, he is tender and attentive. Uncas loves without a need to express it—he is very shy—but once he loved a woman, he would give his life to protect her, without slightest doubt. And without slightest doubt, a man with Uncas’ quality would be a great boy friend; if not husband. Do you agree? ;)

Eric Schweig as Uncas (1992)

#2.  Philip Carey
Of Human Bondage

Thanks to Maugham’s vivid portrayal of this character, I felt like I have known Philip for years. Although I disliked him at first, my fondness for him grew while he was developing throughout the story. Philip might not be a very pleasant friend to have, but you can’t resist loving him. Deep down, he is a loving man; he is easily touched by his friends’ sorrows, and he gives helps even when he is in difficulty. The problem is, he has suffered too much from lack of affection and humiliation, that he always creates invisible walls to protect himself from being hurt. Philip would be one of the best boyfriends you’d like to have after he got through al his obstacles! Though Of Human Bondage has been adapted into movies before, I would love to watch Eddie Redmayne as Philip. Actually, during the reading, I was always imagining Philip as Redmayne! :)

Redmayne as Philip Carey...what do you think?

....and the award goes to.....

#1.  Lawrence Selden
The House of Mirth

In Selden I found most of the qualities I like in a real man. He is a representation of balance and stability. There is no exaggerating in his manner or mind; he is not too kind, nor he is too sensitive or ambitious. He is distinguished because of his self-possession; he knows what’s best for him, and cannot be dictated by the society to do otherwise. But the most important is, Selden can understand Lily Bart very well, and can guide her. He never forces her to love him, but always be there for her. Who can resist this kind of man? And that’s why I crowned him as my….

Eric Stoltz as Selden (2000)

So, who are yours? Share in the linky below!


  1. Interesting choices! I thought of using Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans but didn't. Uncas is a good choice as well... they were all great men in that story.
    I love all of Austen but I always felt like Edward Ferrars was a weaker hero. I still liked him but he just wasn't a Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knigtley or Mr. Tilney.
    Mr. Rochester frustrates me a lot but I'm glad it all turned out in the end. for them. :)
    I haven't heard of or read a couple of these so I may have to check them out. :)

    1. Hawkeye is interesting, but he's a common-hero, one you expect in novels.

      Unfortunately, I have only read Austen's Sense & Sensibility. And Edward Ferrars, though he was not very strong, I have no other stronger contender for this category this year, so... :P

    2. I guess you're right about Hawkeye being a hero you except in novels... never thought about that. :)
      You've got to read more Austen! She's my favorite author and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book. Hopefully they end up on your list sometime soon. :)

  2. Rochester. Indeed. I am surprised I don't see Fassbender's face gracing your blog post. I find him very lovely. I have just finished Jane Eyre. If it's still allowed, I'll put him in my boyfriend list. (But maybe I won't be able to post it before tomorrow.)

    1. I think Toby Stephens could represent Rocherster's eccentricity better than others (only by photos, as I haven't watched any of the movie). :D

      Of course you can post yours later, the linky is opened till January 10.

    2. I think Toby fits the character of Mr. Rochester better, but perhaps that's also because he got more runtime on the adaptation than Michael Fassbender. Fassy was charming too of course! (Okay I admit I like them both. Heheh.)

    3. Really? But whoever it be, Bronte's Mr. Rochester is far less charming than these two, LOL.

  3. Edward Ferrars is my favorite hero in Austen. Excellent choice. :) I also like Selden! You make me want to read The Last of the Mohicans sooner rather than later!

    1. See... a hero doesn't have to be an alpha male or very sexy. A quiet man with principle is a real hero in real life...

      I hope you'd like The Last of the Mohicans, Marianne. It's rather wordy, but once you get used to it, the story is very engaging.

  4. Oh, yeah, I totally agree on Uncas. (One of my favorite movies, too!!!!!)

    I am finally going to read Last of the Mohicans for my Literary Movement Challenge. : )


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