Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Kaleidoscope 2014 – Day 4: Top Five Underappreciated Secondary Characters

Day 4 of Book Kaleidoscope is the freebie day, you can create whatever bookish categories you want to feature. For me, it’s the underappreciated secondary characters. After having praising five ‘shinning’ male (or female) characters in Top Five Book Boy/Girl Friends, now it is fair to make room for secondary characters to shine a bit in Book Kaleidoscope. They are not what the books are about, but without them, perhaps our heroes/heroines won’t be what they were. Here are my picks:

#4  Sancho Pança in Don Quixote

I loved Sancho because he is very loveable: simple, humorous, and loyal. While Don Quixote is absurd, Sancho is more down to earth. I think he is one of the most interesting side-kick characters in classic literature.

Alfredo Landa as Sancho Pança

#4  Major Duncan Heyward in The Last of the Mohicans

Maybe Heyward has not the strong character of Hawkeye, although they are both white people among Indians. However, during difficult times he proves himself to be brave and kind. Not the real hero, but an amiable person with integrity.

Steven Waddington as Duncan Heyward (1992)

#3  Mr. Edwards in Little House on the Prairie

Who would refuse to have such a kind friend and neighbor as Mr. Edwards? He is a bachelor, but he knows how to treat Ma Ingalls politely. But especially…..his generous act of going through thick snow to get Laura and Mary Christmas present, and to make their Christmas so unforgettable.

Victor French as Mr. Edwards

#2  Mr. Traill in Greyfriars Bobby

Here is a businessman who does not only think about business, but has a sense of humanity. He provides Auld Jock a special place at his restaurant, regardless of his shabby appearance. After Auld Jock died, Mr. Traill still provides Bobby his lunch every day without payment. He treats everyone (including dog) equally and always kindly.

Laurence Naismith as Mr. Traill (1961)

…and the winner is…

#1  Thorpe Athelny in Of Human Bondage

Athelny is a perfect person you would like to have as a friend. Love, joy, and affection can always be found abundantly in him. He also cares about his friends; when Philip is burdened with a problem, he knows instantly, and listens to him calmly without judging. Athelny is a man who dedicates his life for others (family and friends), and get happiness and satisfaction from it. I am pleased to pick him as…. 

What are you featuring today in Book Kaleidoscope? Or do you have any favorite unappreciated secondary character too? Share it in the linky below!


  1. Ahh yes. Great list. I think my favorite under appreciated side character would have to be Sonia from War and Peace. Every time she appeared I had to smile a little.

    1. Ah yes...the quiet and wise Sonia. Without her, Natasha would have been ruined. Good choice, Susanna!


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