Saturday, May 8, 2021

Zoladdiction 2021 Wrap Up

April has gone, and Zoladdiction 2021 has quietly ended last week. I was a little bummed out of not making this event more lively, or giving it more effort. I didn't even remember Zola's birthday in April 2nd! But life's like that, often unpredictable, and things happen when you least expect it.

You might have noticed that I've been less and less blogging lately. My posts are mostly reviews, and I didn't either reply to most of your comments (which I'm truly sorry!), nor comment to your posts. It's because lately daily work and family matter have been consuming more of my time, that when weekends come, I feel a bit numbed, and need more time to get relaxed. And how can one think of a book and produce a good post, unless one's relaxed and in a good mood?

Back to Zoladdiction, I had barely time to read and post my reviews, but nothing else. I thank all of you who have participated on this event, but I'm also sorry not to manage it more properly. I did read your posts, but didn't have time to leave comments. Here are some of our posts for Zoladdiction 2021:

📕 The Sin of Abbé Mouret | Émile Zola #FRAclassic (Brona)
📕 The Sin of Abbé Mouret by Émile Zola [Second Read] (Fanda)
📕 Zoladdiction 2021: La Debacle by Emile Zola (Karen)
📕 A Biography of Émile Zola by Alan Schom (Fanda)

For you who have read for Zoladdiction, but haven't had time to post your thoughts before it ended, or I haven't add your posts - don't worry... you can come back here and leave the link in the comment section anytime - I will add it here.

Again, I thank you all for celebrating (albeit quietly) Zoladdiction 2021 with me. I only hope I can make it more fun next year!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that work and life is a bit full-on for you right now Fanda. The past year has taken it's toll on all of us one way or another. I was very happy to be a part of a low-key Zoladdiction this year as I'm barely managing to stay on top of my own Wolf Hall trilogy readalong.
    Hope things improve soon xo


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