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This is the Update Posts page (only PART 1 to 4 – the page for REVIEWS will be opened on November 8th), here you can check what others think about Gone With The Wind so far. Please feel free to share your posts URL in the linky below.

The format would be:

<number of the part> - <name>, for example: Part 1 - Fanda

As there will be Indonesian blogger who might post in Bahasa Indonesia, their post will be marked like this:

<number of the part> - <name> [IND],
for example: Part 1 – Fanda [IND]

So, please, for you who post in Bahasa Indonesia only, do not forget to add [IND] behind your linky name. If you post in Bahasa Indonesia but include a conclusion in English, you don’t have to add the mark.

  • Update Posts ARE NOT MANDATORY, but… if you do it, there will be a reward (see next point).
  • All posts in this Update Posts page are eligible to join my giveaway.

For you who don’t write post but would like to share your thoughts briefly, you can use the comment box, but consequently you won’t be included in the giveaway.


Here are the complete list of our update posts:

Phie [IND] - Fanda - Bzee - Chinoiseries - Lydia - Darjeeling - Elfira - Dani [IND] - Hobby Buku -

Fanda - Bzee - Phie [IND] - Chinoiseries - Lydia - Hobby Buku - Elfira -

Fanda - Bzee - Hobby Buku - Kennith (part 1-3) - Joyful Reader (part 1-3) - Chinoiseries - Lydia -

Hobby Buku - Fanda - Bzee - Lydia - Peri Hutan -


  1. I don't need to be a part of the giveaway, but wanted to give you an update. I'm currently on Chapter 13 and I just love this book! I read it a long time ago, and I'd forgotten just how much I love Rhett Butler! He really is the precursor to our modern, flawed hero. I can't wait to get into the burning of Atlanta... that's a really good part!

    1. You're in the middle of Part 2 then... Well, I think Rhett's character would develop more interestingly in further parts. Keep on reading, Angie, I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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