Works of Émile Zola

Complete works of Émile Zola. I have read and reviewed only the ones with links. However, some I have read but not yet reviewed--these I will provide once I reread the books. Occasionally you would also find non-review posts related to the book.


The Rougon-Macquart Series
1. The Fortune of the Rougons [second read]
2. The Kill (La Curée)
3. The Belly of Paris
4. The Conquest of Plassans [second read]
5. The Sin of Abbé Mouret [second read]
6. His Excellency Eugene Rougon
7. L'Assommoir (post in Bahasa Indonesia)
8. A Love Story (Une Page d'Amour)
9. Nana
10. Pot Luck (Pot Bouille)
11. The Ladies Paradise
12. The Bright Side of Life (La Joie de Vivre)
13. Germinal [first read] [second read]
14. The Masterpiece
15. The Earth
16. The Dream
17. La Bête Humaine
18. Money
19. The Debacle (La Debacle)
20. Doctor Pascal

Three Cities Trilogy
1. Lourdes
2. Paris
3. Rome

Les Quatre Evangiles Tetralogy
1. Fécondité (Fruitfullness)
2. Travail (Work)
3. Vérité (Truth)
4. Justice (Justice -- not finish)

Single Novels
Thérèse Raquin (post in Bahasa Indonesia)
Madeleine Férat
The Mysteries of Marseilles
Contes à Ninon

The Dreyfus Affair
The Dreyfus' Affair: "J'Accuse" and Other Writings


The Attack on the Mill and Other Stories
For A Night of Love
La Mort d'Olivier Becaille

The Flood

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