Thursday, October 11, 2012

Geneviève in Courrier Sud

It’s rather difficult to portrait Geneviève—the only woman ever caught Bernis’ heart—through Éxupery’s poetic writing style in Courrier Sud (Southern Mail). I imagine she spent all her life at home, always encircled by the warm familial love, always feel safe in her routine life; the kind of person who love rules and orders. In Bernis eyes, Geneviève was bound too tightly to her possession, house, furniture, and simple and silly stuffs that reflected her entire life. I know a lot of people like this, they usually reluctant to throw away old useless stuffs, not because they are valuable but because they keep memories about the owner’s old days, and make their houses like museums.

Geneviève lived in her own false world—her dream if you want to say—where everything always happened as expected, as it should be, in ideal form. That’s why she did not prepared when disaster came. She chose to run from the reality, and change her focus to beautiful yet false things around her.

As a woman, I think Geneviève needed safety more than love. He chose her husband instead of Bernis at the first place, because she found safety and certainty in her husband, while Bernis was more a free man. Then, after the disaster, when she could not bore her husband, she turned away to Bernis. This time she sought shield of protection in Bernis’ love and promise of a new life. However, when Bernis could not make his promise, when things didn’t come as she’s expected, she left Bernis as well.

In short, Geneviève could not live by herself, she would always need others to rely on. Her life was what she already knew, and when she was out of that, she would be ruined. I always felt pity to people like Geneviève….

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