Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Quote 9: Beloved

Beloved is one powerful book about slavery that I’m currently reading; it depicted the sorrowful life of black men and women in the rural Ohio, sometime after Civil War. This week I picked two quotes from Baby Suggs (an old woman ex-slave who had been freed by her son) which showed a similarity in idea…

“There was no bad luck in the world but white people. They don’t know when to stop.” 

“Everything depends on knowing how much. Good is knowing when to stop.”

I think the quote has spoken for itself. Men did have the bad side along with his good side, but in the case of slavery in this story, the white people’s brutality had been way too much. It’s not just cruel, they had been dehumanizing their brothers, just because they came from different race and culture.

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  1. Still have no time to read it. *sigh*
    But I will, promise. At the end of the month, probably. It sounds more and more interesting the more I read people talk about it.

    And it's a nice quote. Reminds me of Disney's Pocahontas.

    1. Joon Ann has finished it, by the way, but I still don't want to read her review before I finish it too. It'd be interesting to read your thoughts, Listra, as I think the theme is not your favorite.


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