Thursday, May 1, 2014

History Reading Challenge 2014 – First Check-In

This is the first check-in of our History Reading Challenge 2014.

It’s been four month since we started our sail to the past. How have your progress been until now? Some of you have even read (and submitted the reviews) early on January. Wow! I really admire your excitement!

For myself, I have read two histories (of six I have planned): Plutarch’ Roman Lives and the biography of Cicero by Anthony Everitt. Well…Rome is always fascinating me, and from 6 I have picked for this challenge, 3 are about Rome. The first one was quite tedious, but the second one turned out to be very entertaining. What about you?

  • What have you read, and how did you find it/them?
  • How do you feel about History Reading Challenge so far? Are you excited to read certain book? Or do you feel this challenge is too much for you?
  • Are you reading a history right now, or do you intend to read one very soon? Share with us….

I am reading Machiavelli's The Prince this month. My copy is onpy 160 pages, and I hope it would be as light as it looks like... But what I'm looking forward now is my another Rome history, The History of the Decline and Fall of Roman Empire. THAT would be an exciting reading! Can't wait till next month!

This is only a check-in, so we all can share our progress, to know how others have been doing, and to encourage one another. You don’t need to post anything, but if you’d like to post your check-in, please feel free to do so, and leave your URL in the comment. You are welcomed to interact via comment box, but if you just want to keep silence in the background and just seeing how others been going, it’s OK too, no pressure… I only hope we are all having good time with our history readings.

See you again in the next check-ins! :)


  1. I have finished two of my three, and I am looking forward to the last one very much. However, I won't start it for a few months.

    So I am done with The Four Voyages and Of Plymouth Plantation, and my last one is The Journals of Lewis and Clark.

    There are three other little books I own that support Of Plymouth Plantation, which I am considering reading before I read my last one, but I have three other books I must finish first before I decide to add them. If I add them, then I guess I get to move up from student to the next rank. We'll see.

  2. I haven't finished anything yet, but I have three on-the-go. Here is a link to my update:

  3. Haven't finished any of mine; fortunately, I have the summer to read mine.

  4. I haven't read anything, I am sorry, except Shakespeare's Tetralogy (Richard II, 1Henry IV, 2 Henry IV, and Henry V) but you know Shakespeare, he's not a good source for historical accuracy. But I have at least 2 Shakespeare's biography to consume. Please be patient with me, and again, sorry. :(


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