Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoladdiction 2014 – Wrap Up

April seemed to come and go too quickly…. Now the month ends, and so Zoladdiction 2014—an event of reading and appreciating Émile Zola’s works to celebrate his birth-month. I feel like I should have done more with this event. Last year I could do much more than only reading and reviewing. But this year I have been busy as a Lector at my church, and as this year’s Easter was on April, I must dedicate most of my time for the preparation. Moreover, my boss has been assigning me to tackle more works than last year, and so I was left with a very limited time (and energy) to read books—in which, nevertheless, I have successfully squeezed two Zola’s just in time!

Anyway, here is my wrap up for Zoladdiction 2014:

Books I have read and reviewed (2):

Post about Zola or his books (1):

(More) books to be added to my collection (2):

The Fortune of the Rougons
(yes, I finally came to this, the first of the series)

The Belly of Paris
(still hasn't arrived yet, although I bought it together with The Fortune)

How was it?

As usual, I enjoyed my (almost) full month of Zola. I have been wondering; won’t reading 2 books successively by the same author make me bored? After Zoladdiction 2013, I knew I would, but Zola would always be an exception. I was amazed and entertained by the two books, although both won’t be my next favorites. As last year’s, Zoladdiction 2014 was a satisfying event, and I think my love to Zola is getting stronger now.

What next?

1. I WILL positively host another Zoladdiction next year—yay to that!
2. I think I will read another Zola this year, apart from this event. I’m still thirst of another (more) gripping Zola. Hopefully The Debacle would be a good choice.
3. If I have more time this year, I would love to dedicate it to enrich the content of my Zola blog. Well, right now the contents are mostly copy-paste from my classic blog (shame on me!), but I really want to write more dedicated posts about Zola and his works.

Now…., how were YOU doing? Share with us in your wrap-up posts, and submit the link here. I’m really curious!

The Master Post’s linky would be open only until May 3rd (because of the limitation from the provider). For you who haven’t submitted your reviews or other posts until the deadline, you could still submit it here (in the Wrap-Up post). This one will be open until May 10th.


  1. Thank good is gonna open 'till May 10th, I'm gonna try finished within a week (^_^) *fuihh*

    1. Are you very busy, Maria? Well..I hope you're enjoying Germinal!


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