Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zoladdiction 2014 - Master Post

The virus has come to infect us for the whole month: ZOLADDICTION! Are you ready to be exposed to Émile Zola’s books? See the announcement to find all about this event. In short, I am hosting this event to praise and spread the knowledge (and addiction) of Émile Zola’s works. To join us, you can simply sign up this event, read as much as Zola’s works as possible, post your thoughts, and share them in the linky below.

Any other posts about Zola works are welcomed too. If you feel itchy to do some shopping (of Zola books of course :D), you are more than welcomed to let us know, or to show off your new Zola collections. So, let’s read, let’s post, let’s shop, or let’s watch movies adaptation, all because we are in Zoladdiction! :)

Wrap Up

In the end of April (or within first week of May in the least), I encourage you to post a wrap-up of Zoladdiction:
  • Tell us what you have done with Zola during April.
  • Share your thoughts or feelings after you worked on with Zola for a month, do you begin to like him, have you been struggling with the books, or do you love him even more? Tell us everything!
  • What next? Do you have any future plan with Zola?

Of course you are free to say anything in your wrap up post, you are not obliged to answer all the questions, it’s just to give you ideas. You can put the link of your wrap up post in the linky below (I only prepare one linky for all posts).

I provide another linky for wrap up post (open until May 10th), for you who didn't manage to submit your reviews in this master post, you could submit there.

Now, kick it off, guys…and let the Zoladdiction begin!


  1. I love being first cab off the rank! One of the many advantages of living in Australia :-)
    Happy Zola Month everyone.
    I can't wait to see what you're all reading & blogging about Zola.
    Thank you Fanda for hosting this event.

  2. Looking forward to this! Thanks for organising it again! :)

    1. I think I will continue to host this for next years ;)

  3. Selesai!! Akhirnya berhasil juga tahun ini! And you make me addicted to Zola now XD


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