Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Year, New Challenge: Reading Schedule for 2021


New year, new hope, new vigour. After some reading (and blogging) slump this year, I intend to make a come back next year. Covid-19 will likely still be part of our lives (looking at how our govt has been acting so far, I’ve prepared for the worse), however, we must make the best of this unfortunate situation, yes? So, I will spare most of my leisure time for reading and blogging.

Personally, 2021 will also mark a new era for me, which I will explain further in another post. Meanwhile here is what my reading schedule looks like throughout 2021:


#CCSpin25 #BackToTheClassics2021 #CC3 Eugene Onegin - DONE
#RougonMacquartProject The Conquest of Plassans - DONE


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CCNicholas Nickleby (with Ruth) - DONE


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC – 
#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC Things Fall Apart - DONE


#Zoladdiction2021 #RougonMacquartProject The Sin of Abbe Mouret - CURRENTLY READING
#Zoladdiction2021 – Zola’s biography or short stories collections


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC My Antonia (with Laurie)
#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC Return of the Native


#JazzAgeJune #CC The Beautiful and Damned
#hunchbackreadalong #CCThe Hunchback of Notre-Dame (7 chapters) – it’s one of Nick's Chapter-a-Day-Read-Along


#RougonMacquartProject His Excellency Eugene Rougon
--The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (31 chapters)


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CCThe Pilgrim’s Progress
--The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (21 chapters)


#RougonMacquartProject L’Assommoir
#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC Watership Down


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC #RIP Lady Audley’s Secret
#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC #RIP Othello


#BackToTheClassics2021 #CC Cat’s Craddle
#CC The Custom of the Country or Barchester Tower


#ALiteraryChristmas #BackToTheClassics2021 #CC The Nutcracker
#ALiteraryChristmasA Merry Christmas (Alcott) or other Christmas stories



15 books for #CC or The Classics Club #3 (complete list coming soon!)
12 books for Back to the Classics 2021

4 reading events participation:
- Nick’s Chapter-A-Day-Readalong (The Hunchback of Notre Dame only)
- #CCSpin (January is definite; other months tentative)
- A Literary Christmas

2 events hosting:
- #Zoladdiction2021
- #JazzAgeJune (co-hosting with Laurie)

1 personal project:


~~Beyond the schedule~~

- #AgathaChristiePerpetualReading – will read as many Agatha Christie I can in between books/events
- one or two classics or non-classics when possible
- #MobyDick2ndRead – will continue on this as many as possible

If you feel like reading a book or two along with me, just let me know, the more the merrier! 


  1. So many good books in your list ! I read The sin of Abbé Mouret when I was a teenager and still remember it fondly, the Paradou (the garden) is a character all by itself. Happy reading :)

    1. Thanks Iza. You are right about the Paradou being a character, I've not realized back then. Will certainly give it more focus on my second read.

  2. Yes, Fanda, I'll read Nicholas Nickleby w/ you. Do you think you'll have a timeline or reading schedule? Or just read it as long as you need? I want to try to keep up with you. :)

    1. Yay, it'd be fun reading with you, Ruth! I haven't looked closely on the chapters. Will let you know as soon as I've made up my mind.

    2. Great! And I think I should just join you guys for The Hunchback of Notre Dame bc I'm reading that, too.

    3. That's great, Ruth!
      I've checked on Nickleby, and have created the timeline. Will be posting about this during holiday.

  3. I'll be reading the Sin of Abbé Mouret with you in April, and of course, The Hunchback with Nick.
    It's nice to feel organised isn't it? Especially in a year where a lot is out of our control, we wrestle it back anyway we can :-)

    1. It's definitely good to be back on track!
      Thanks, Brona, for reading Sin of Abbe Mouret for Zoladdiction; it'll be fun! :)

  4. Wow, what a list! That's pretty impressive planning. I might be up for Nickolas Nickleby...

    1. Thanks, Jean. I'll come back after looking up the chapters. It'll be nice to have a kind of timeline, and make it a proper Nicholas Nickleby readalong!

  5. Nice list, Fanda and I look forward to reading My Antonia with you 👍

  6. Well, thanks for this. I didn't know Nick was reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame .... I thought he was reading the Patrick O'Brien series only. I'll go take a look.

    I love the idea of this type of list to keep you on track. I would be interested in Nicholas Nickleby too. And I'm going to try to make your Zola Addition this year. I have The Dream to read and I've heard it awesome!

    1. Just sneaking in her to say, I am reading The Dream for Zoladdiction! Now you have to :)

    2. Aha! Maybe if we all post our reading plans, we'd find more reading buddies for next year (and perhaps inspire more reading events!) ;)

    3. Laurie, that's awesome! Now I will absolutely read it!!

      Yes, Fanda, I agree. It's so nice to have buddies to push you along!

  7. Fanda, what a great list!! Some of these are on my Classics Club list or books I've wanted to reread. I don't want to make any reading commitments as this point, but I'm really looking forward to reading all the reviews coming out of these books. :)

    1. Thanks, Marian. I'm so excited with these books. Starting a new CC list is always fun!

  8. I'm impressed with how well you have this planed out. A great list! Unfortunately, I know that I would never be able to stick to such as specific plan. I'll try to remember that you and Laurie are going to host a Jazz Age June again, it sounded fun last year, but I had too many other books in progress at the time to join. Maybe this year.

    Enjoy your reading and I can't wait to see your new CC list.

    1. Making list and planning is always fun, but I'm pretty sure in the end the result would be different.😂

      Have fun too with your next year reading, Amanda!


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