Monday, August 19, 2013

Let’s Read Plays: Check-In #3

Dear #LRP-ers… we are already in the tenth month of our yearlong event: Let’s Read Plays. Here is a quick check-in.

First of all, just to remind you, our theme this month is another comedy from the Bard. It’s been three month since we read any Shakespeare’s comedy, it’s time to a bit silly wittiness again…:) And now…

Which comedy will you choose?
I will read Twelfth Night

How was your progress until now? Have you left behind several plays, or are you ahead of the schedule?
Although I didn’t read always on schedule, I have, so far, read all the themes required. Until September, I have read ten plays (I read two tragedies for the first month).

Do you think you’d be able to read the whole themes by end of October?
I might not be able to read Twelfth Night on time, but I’ll try to squeeze it before the end of October. After that, two more plays, one of them is what I’ve been waiting for: Hamlet. So, yes, I think I’d be able to read ALL the themes, and complete thirteen plays for Let’s Read Plays. What about you? We still have two and a half months to catch up!

And don’t forget, this month’s prompt of our Play Monthly Meme by Listra is: Favorite Scene. Share your favorite scene from the comedy you’re reading, or any comedy you’ve read during LRP, remember, this is the last comedy we’d read for LRP! :)

And last but not least, when you have post your LRP, please do not forget to add it to the linky in the master post, as (pssstt!) there might be a surprise gift by Dessy sometime during these two and a half month!

Please remind me also if you have posted Character Thursday for Meme but I haven't put it in the linky here, as your posts will be entered in the giveaway at the end of LRP.

Let’s keep having fun with the plays till the end (of October)! :)


  1. I'd like to read Twelfth Night too.. (I'll join soon, as I've just started reading Sophocles' Antigone. Fanda, I so much wanted to read "Twelfth Nigh" and here you are again encouaging me..

    1. Great! I'll let you know when I'll be starting it. Maybe around end of the month.

  2. Hi! I haven't started this month's play "As You Like It" yet, but I'm determined to read everything what is left in time. I'm especially thrilled with Julius Caesar in October!

    I've skipped two months in spring due to my intense university and work schedule, but they were re-reads anyway, and I know that the pressure of catching-up would put me off for good, so I forgive myself :) I'm much worse at participating in plays monthly meme, as I'm usually late with the play and have no time to fit in the meme post. What can I say? I'm the worst procrastinator ever :) But I hope I'll participate in one or two more before the end of the event :)

    1. You'll like Julius Caesar!

      Anyway, good job Ekaterina, I've been enjoying your posts too. Hope you can make it all until the end of the event! :)

  3. This is the first month where I'm a bit behind schedule. I picked A Comedy of Errors, but haven't been able to get to it yet. I may do a double post next month to catch up.

    I'm excited you picked Twelfth Night! It's possibly my favorite Shakespeare comedy.

    1. You've done pretty well so far, Melissa! And I like reading your posts.

      About Twelfth Night, now I'm more curious about it. I'm not really a fan of comedy, so I hope this last one fits me better. :)


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