Monday, March 6, 2023

Announcing Zoladdiction 2023 #Zoladdiction2023

Zoladdiction turns TEN this year! Who would’ve thought I will host this event for ten years? For you who are not familiar with it, Zoladdiction is a reading event on April, to celebrate the birthday of Émile Zola. It is mainly because we love Zola's writings, and also to get more and more people to appreciate his works.

For you who haven't read Zola, it is the perfect time to get started! This is my personal guide to read Zola if you don't have idea where to start.

For the whole month, then, we will read, post, and talk about Émile Zola - his life, his works, and his influences.

How It Works

  • Pick any of Zola's works, or Zola's biography, and read them. Any books about Zola by other writers are acceptable too.
  • Post your review/thoughts on your blog/social media (you can use hashtag #Zoladdiction2023).
  • But I also encourage you to go beyond reading… Yes, we will still read Zola, but during April we can also share/post/tweet/talk about just any thing related to Zola. A book you're reading reminds you of Zola? Share it! Found Zola's quote on Twitter? Retweet it! Or Zola-ish picture/caricature on Instagram? Make a story of it! Watched movie about Zola? Share it! Anything.
  • Don’t have time to read one book? Worry not, a short story or an essay is equally good.
  • To participate, simply leave comment on this post, or mention me on Twitter, using hashtag #Zoladdiction2023, and tell us your plans for Zoladdiction (it might inspire others).
  • If you want, you may grab and put Zoladdiction 2023 banner on your blog, so that others might aware about this event.
  • If you blog about your participation, leave the link in comment box.
  • Linky will be provided in the Master Post (will be published on April 2nd). You can submit links to your Zola posts (either on blog or social media) there.
  • To celebrate Zola’s birthday on April 2nd, there will also be an Émile Zola Tag, which we can share and have fun (I will post about this around mid March, so you can prepare your posts beforehand).

So, would you join me? What's your plan?


1. Fanda - will read The Ladies' Paradise (re-read) & Doctor Pascal
2. Gypsi @ Gypsi Reads - will read Germinal
3. JaneGS @ Reading, Writing, Working, Playing - will read ?
4. Mallika @ Literary Potpourri - will read ?
5. Brona @ Brona's Book - will read L'Assommoir
6. Alok @alokranj - will read biography/critical study
7. You!  


  1. wow, already 10 years!
    One day, I may read/listen his whole work in order, as I have only read a few during my school years

    1. Nice plan! Zola's are best read in order to follow the progress of the family.

  2. I have never read Zola. Where would you recommend I start?

    1. How about starting from his masterpiece, "Germinal"? It's the best approach I think. I've never heard negative review about it, and it's my all time favorite too.

    2. I totally agree with Fanda - Germinal is a great place to start. I loved it so much (and Nana), that I decided to start the series from the beginning. I'm already looking forward to when I get to reread both of them :-)

    3. Brona: So, after getting acquainted to Etienne and Nana, now you're going to meet their mother for the first time - how exciting! ;)

  3. My first Zola was Nana. My second: The Ladies Paradise. I do want to read more of his books, but I'm not sure I can join in this year. Maybe next April. But congrats on 10 years of Zoladdiction! That's so amazing. :D

    1. Thanks, Lark! :) I don't like Nana, but The Ladies Paradise is one of my favorites. I'm rereading it at this moment (to be reviewed for Zoladdiction). Well, hopefully you can join next year, then!

  4. I've never read any Zola, so I will try and join in!

  5. Congrats on 10 years of Zoladdiction!
    I'm up to book seven of the Rougon-Macquart series, so I will be reading L’Assommoir (1877) The Dram Shop.

    1. Thanks Brona for joining again this year!
      I was torn between re-reading L'Assommoir or The Ladies' Paradise, but at the end, the latter won because I haven't been able to review it at the 1st time. L'Assommoir is the book that had decided my long journey of reading Rougon-Macquart. I've had a hungover for several days after L'Assommoir; I couldn't eat without thinking about the ending - probably one of the most powerful endings!
      Hope you'll love it too! :)

  6. Ohh you've made it sound very tempting Fanda!!!


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