Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Classics Club 10 Years Celebration Questionnaire (Late Post)

The Classics Club 10 year celebration was actually last year, but somehow I've missed this questionnaire posted on their website. It's only when I saw Brona's post (also late poster 🤭) that I realized its existence. Better late than never is our motto, so.. here it is..

When did you join the Classics Club?
March 8th, 2012. I know the exact date because I put it in my first CC list. I was one of the early-joiners.

What is the best classic book you’ve read for the club so far? Why?
Definitely Germinal by Émile Zola. It is, by far, my all-time favorite novel. And I doubt I would change my mind, though one never knows, as I realize that my reading taste keep changing with age. Why, you ask? Because Germinal is just a perfect book. From every aspect.

What is the first classic you ever read?
I don’t really remember. I read a lot since I was a kid, and can’t remember what I read in what age. I remember reading the illustrated version of Mahabharata (an ancient Indian epic) with my father. It was in Indonesian translation with great illustrations. That’s perhaps my first classic. But first classic I read as an adult was perhaps either To Kill a Mockingbird or Anne of Green Gables.

Which classic book inspired you the most?
Maybe Mahabharata. I read that with my father. And I remember he explained much about honor, loyalty, and friendship.

What is the most challenging one you’ve ever read, or tried to read?
Proust’s Swann’s Way. I didn’t understand what it’s about from the beginning, so I DNFed it after perhaps 50-ish pages.

Favourite movie adaptation of a classic? Least favorite?
I didn’t watch much movie adaptation of classics – they are usually disappointing – so I can’t think of a favorite, but my least favorite is the modern adaptation of The Three Musketeers, but can’t remember the exact year. I quite liked the adaptation of The Man in the Iron Mask, though, starring Leonardo di Caprio.

Which classic character most reminds you of yourself?
Anne Eliot from Persuasion and Isabel Archer from The Portrait of a Lady.

Has there been a classic title you expected to dislike and ended up loving? Respecting? Appreciating?
Jane Austen's Persuasion. My first Austen was Sense and Sensibility, and it didn't like it. So, it is with trepidation when I started Persuasion. It turned out well, fortunately, I loved the story and the heroine!

Classic/s you are DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year?
Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. It’s the last Dickens’ novel I’ve not read. Have planned to read it this year, but I'm still not in the mood for it. Next year it will be. Promise!

Favorite memory with a classic and/or your favourite memory with The Classics Club?
My sweetest memory with The Classics Club is when I was made its first Classics Clubber of the month, on August 2012. I've never felt that honoured in my life before. Thank you again, The Classics Club, for letting me become a part of you, belong to your community. And though seven months late, I wish you the best for ten more years to come!


  1. What fun! I had to go back and check my list, but I joined on April 15, 2012 and completed my first list in 10/17 (closer to 5 1/2 years). I loved Germinal, too, when I read it with a group in 2016. I'm over halfway through my second list now, but seemed to have stalled about halfway through. Great post.

    1. Thanks, JoAnn! What a journey it has been for us, TCC really is!
      I'm glad you loved Germinal too - so far I haven't met anyone who have read and not loved it, it's a masterpiece indeed.
      Good luck with your second part!

  2. Fun post! I loved getting to know you and your reading tastes better. :D

  3. I'm glad I inspired another late poster...and it is thanks to you that Germinal is now one of my all-time favourite classics too :-)


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