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Death of a Blogger (2021) by Dawn Brookes #NovNov23

⛴ To be honest, I picked this novella up in the first place because of the 'blogger' element. As a blogger myself, it struck me that we don't (at least I don't) see many books about blogger, let alone book blogger. But in this particular novella, the blogger posts about gossips and scandals, so it's not counted as a respectable blog.

⛴ Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe is taking a cruise with her two young friends, Rachel and Sarah. On the departure morning, one of the passengers, an unpleasant woman whom every one has been avoiding, was pushed from the top stairs of the hotel, fell down, and died. Any one of the passengers whom Marjorie has met the night before could have done it due to the usual morning chaos, prior to departure. But who? And why?

⛴ The victim turned out to be a nasty blogger. She wrote about secret and scandals of her acquaintances - obscuring the names, of course - but when we know, we know. This, of course, was a strong motive. And it's from her blog posts that Marjorie eventually built up her deduction to decide who the murderer is.

⛴ Besides busying herself with the murder case, Marjorie was also busy to avoid her cousin-in-law, a brazen, noisy woman called Edna, who's also on the cruise. It's rather impossible to avoid a relative on a cruise, right? Not only that Marjorie failed to shy away from Edna, she had to accommodate her in her room because the cruiser somehow overlooked Edna's booking. Awkward at first, as you can only imagine, but it gives both women chance of retrospection. Sometimes things were not as it seemed to be; people aren't what they appear to be. And a cruise might be a perfect place to patch certain things up.

Death of a Blogger is the prequel to The Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mystery series. It's quite an entertaining cozy mystery. The plot itself is nicely crafted; I didn't guess the murderer. The characters are plausible, and considering the shortness of the novella, they were developed nicely. Overall, it's not special, yet entertaining enough.

Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Glad this was enjoyable even if not extraordinary. And nice to see a book around a blogger too, though nasty gossip bloggers are as bad as nasty gossip columnists.

    1. Agree, I truly hope that no blogger would ever think of choosing this line!

  2. The title certainly caught my attention. ;D

    1. A clever catchphrase for a debut of a new series, isn't it? :))


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