Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Quote (2): The Color Purple

For this weekend, I am sharing a quote from a wonderful and inspiring book: The Color Purple by Alice Walker. It contains letters written by Celie, a poor African-American woman who were struggling in male’s and whites’ dominant world in America of the 1930’s. In one of the letters, Celie—with her limited skill of language—wrote this simple but deeply touching sentence:

“Never mine, never mine, long as I can spell G-O-D I got somebody along” ~Cellie

That is what Celie told her little sister Nettie, who worried about how Celie would do after she left. Although she is not well educated, Celie has a strong faith to God, why with the impossible situation like what she faced at that time, she wouldn’t make it without her faith. With his father abused her, her mother died, her husband didn’t love her, and her babies were separated from her, who will love her? It’s only to God she can address all her sorrows. It is to God either that Celie addressed most of her letters. And that quote showed us that in the loneliness of life, we will never walk alone, God will walk with us, we will ‘get somebody along’ just as Celie felt.

So, what’s your favorite quote of this weekend? Share with us in Weekend Quote meme:

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  1. What depth of perception you have! I love how you put it:

    " the loneliness of life, we will never walk alone."

    This is so true. Perhaps I will join in with a weekend quote in the future. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Adriana, that's how I truly feel in my life, that I never walk alone, there's always God everytime I need someone to talk to (but I couldn't find any).

      It'd be good to have you in the Weekend Quote, look forward to it!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book to read. Where do you get it? I don't remember seeing any in Gramedia.

    1. It's an English book, I borrowed it from BBI member.


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