Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (3): Love Triangles vs Insta-Love

It’s Wednesday again, and for the third times I am joining the Weigh in Wednesday meme hosted by Lauren

This week’s topic is quite interesting:

Love Triangles Vs. Insta-love

As I never believe on such instant love or love at first sight, I vote for love triangles. At least love triangles in books provide more complex conflicts, you know…first A is attracted to B, but B turns up to be the antagonist, while C who at first neglected by A becomes the hero…or things like that. Love triangles also involve deeper personal characters and emotion. When A must choose between B and C, then the author must dig each B’s and C’s personality to give a background for the conflict.

So, what is yours? love triangles or insta-love?

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  1. I totally agree, insta-love turns me off. If the love triangle is written well, I'm fine with it:)

    My WiW

    1. This time we are on the same side..! :)

  2. I fully agree! Going with the classics, it's like the love triangle in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth spurns Darcy (though in all fairness he spurned her first) and finds herself attracted to Wickham who turns out to be a rake while Darcy, upon closer examination of his character (and the evolution of it permitted by Elizabeth's presence in his life) turns out to be the guy women will swoon over for the whole of the 20th century! XD

    A well-written love triangle can be the absolute best!

    1. Hohoho... you're right about Darcy being the guy women swoon over the 20th century! Or perhaps on 21th century too? Hmm...nope, I think women pick Edward rather than Darcy right now :)


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