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Heart of Darkness – The First Level Inquiry

Chapter I

On the way to Congo, Marlow’s steamboat stopped, sunk down, un-repairable, that he’s stuck on a Government station. He found maltreated black slaves, and learned about greediness of the white men, and a remarkable and genius chief of Inner Station called Kurtz.

Chapter II

On the sailing to Mr. Kurtz’s Inner Station, Marlow and the gang found a broken port with a warning sign, and were attacked by natives. Marlow became more interested in Mr. Kurtz, and the nature of the blacks.

Chapter III

At the Inner Station Marlow found how people worshiped Mr. Kurtz; the natives attacked them to prevent them to take Kurtz away. Marlow found that the station became a place of massacre. Kurtz had died before they arrived on mainland, after leaving a bundle of letters to Marlow. In England, Marlow sent the letters to Marlow’s fiancée who lived in the dream of her beloved Kurtz.

by Steven Belledin [source]

Which character is the most affected? How is that character affected by the book’s main event?

Marlow was the main character, a sailor who got a job to captain a steamboat of a trading company to Congo, Africa. The sail had become Marlow’s pilgrimage to meet the gleaming token of European civilization in savage forest of Congo, but only to find along the way, that moral corruption of the colonialist had made him more savage than the natives.


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