Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Quote 14: The Portrait of A Lady

After weeks of skipping this lovely meme hosted by Listra (I’m so sorry Listra! :D), I’m back with a quote from The Portrait of A Lady.

I won’t spoil which one of the heroine’s suitors says this quote or what would become of him, but I think this is just an example of what I as a woman would have preferred to hear from a man when he proposed to me:

I’m absolutely in love with you…. I’ve too little to offer you. What I have—it’s enough for me; but it’s not for you. I’ve neither fortune, nor fame, nor extrinsic advantages of any kind. So, I offer nothing.

I know, it’s not as sweet as you might imagine I’d picked it for a meme, but there’s a good argument here too. Instead of bragging about what he owns—a big house, fortune, lordship, fruitful career—the man who said the above quote just offered his love. His pointing out of his “nothingness” only emphasized his love, his heart. And isn’t that the most important thing instead of those sweet words of (only) love? Or no…? :)

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  1. Ah, jadi inget Bassanio, "Seluruh kekayaanku mengalir di pembuluh darahku," aka "Aku miskin, Mbak."

    Jadi pingin baca novelnya. :">

    1. It's so sweet, eh?
      Wait till I quote another touching words, still from this book.... ;)


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