Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Quote 15: The Portrait of A Lady

Still from The Portrait of A Lady, this time I borrowed something Ralph Touchett—a dying young man who loved the heroine, Isabel Archer, but knowing that he won’t be a good husband for her, he could only love from afarhad said to Isabel. If only Ralph didn’t have love in his heart, he must have died months before, but his love for Isabel had made him much stronger. He chose to live because he worried about Isabel’s unhappiness. This was what he said to Isabel when Ralph was about to go home to London, to die in peace…

It was for you that I wanted—that I wanted to live.”

It is short, simple, distinct and really-deeply touching!

Why oh why, women tend to love long-flowery sentences (or even poems??)—that might keep a lot of contradictions if you are thorough enough to examine them—while there is a very simple way to express one’s love.

When a man expressed that he had forced himself to live—while he could have rested in peace—just because he loves you, well…what more do you expect, ladies?

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  1. Hmmm... Fanda, I would accuse you of being in love, really. Haha.

    On the contrary, I've been reading heartbreaking poems this week, such as some of Shakespeare's A Passionate Pilgrim and John Keats' You Say You Love.

    1. I am, really...with Ralph Touchett! LOL...
      Hey, why don't you share your thoughts on the poems? I don't love them, but surely a lot of our CC friends do.

    2. I think I will make a feature for poems in my blog because I just L-O-V-E them. Haha.

    3. Good idea! Go for it, Listra.. :)


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