Friday, June 21, 2013

How Are You Following Me? – Blog Update

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been following my blog, reading my posts, and sometimes commenting it. It might perhaps be a little annoying for us that Google has decided to turn off their Google Reader feature starting July, 2013. You know that Google Reader is a tool enabling us to get updates from blogs we have been following via Google Friend Connect or via RSS feed. It means that starting July 1st, you who have been following me via GFC would be missing my updates. Something must be done to prevent that, and so, this is what I have prepared for you…

There are some ways for you to follow my blog updates, please feel free to choose one or more that would be most convenient for you:

Bloglovin click to follow me

This is another blog feeds aggregator; some says it’s one of the best means to replace Google Reader. When you create a bloglovin account, they would automatically offer you to import all blogs that you are following via Google Reader to your bloglovin account. I like bloglovin so far, it looks very neat and simple; but I still haven’t found any way to find the numbers of my followers or who are following me (it’s like Google Reader without GFC). I do hope bloglovin will improve their features very soon—or is it just me who can’t find the way? Is there anyone more familiar with it who can guide me?

Follow by Mail – the widget to subscribe is at the right-outside sidebar 

If you don’t like to deal with too many social media sites and just want to stay conservative, maybe following me by mail would be more convenient. Just don’t forget to check your inbox right after you do the follow, because feedburner will send you an email and requires you to click the confirmation link before you can receive my updates in your e-mail.

If you have already set up a Google+ account and check it in regularly, you can also follow me here (or put me into your circle) to get my updates. As I own 3 book blogs, you can get updates of all these 3 blogs in one place (one follow for three blogs).

Those three are my recommendations, but you can also choose one or more from these features too if you like:

Networked Blogclick to follow me

Only if you have Facebook account and open it regularly; my posts updates will appear in your Facebook updates.

RSS Feedclick to follow me

This is operated by Feedburner too, but you will have more choices to subscribe to my updates. If you like to hang around with Yahoo, for example, you can subscribe using My Yahoo.


None of the above? Well…you can still following my updates if you place my blog in your blogroll. Actually, this is my favorite way of following blogs, and I have applied this for my favorite blogs.

That’s my update, and again, thanks for following me and reading my posts… :)


  1. Hi Fanda,

    I have your blog in my blogroll and that's how I choose to click over and read your new posts. Like you, this is my favourite way for following blogs.

    1. Thanks for following!
      Yep, having a blogroll is so far the easier way of following our fave blogs. One site that we visit most frequently must be our own blog, right? ;)

  2. I moved to bloglovin' a few weeks ago and follow you through it.

    If you go to: it shows the info on your blog. If you haven't already 'claimed your blog' doing so will let you edit information and give you a basic graph with stats on how subscribers have grown over the past 10 days. Hope it helps!

  3. You can also add a badge to your blog from bloglovin that shows you the number of followers (you can see the one on my blog if you like Brona's Books)
    I can then just click on that and it takes me to my page where there is a tab that says 'followers'.


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