Friday, November 1, 2013

Let’s Read Plays: Wrap Up Post

The saddest moment of hosting an event is…. when you have to end it. :( For twelve months we have been having fun with plays: reading, exploring, discussing, or even shopping! :D. I am very grateful I have ever started this event and challenged myself to read plays; something I was dreading years ago—“how a drama script could be read as a book?” But in the process, I began to enjoy plays as well as I do with novels. Special thanks to Dessy, my co-host who created such a beautiful button (oh, I wish it doesn’t have to be plugged off from my sidebar), and to all participants; your reviews introduced me to so many plays I want to read, and your enthusiasm is really infectious.

Now, the statistics….

Signed up participants = 24
(including me & Dessy)

Active participants = 16
(two of the signed up participants have erased their blogs, the others never submitted their reviews :D)

Participants completed the challenge = 3
(read at least 12 plays)
Listra = 12
Fanda = 13
Melissa = 12

Plays reviews = 84
(Most read plays):
Julius Caesar = 5
The Importance of Being Earnest = 5

Character Thursday for Plays Meme posts = 22
(I stopped the meme unexpectedly on June—my fault! :( —otherwise it could have been more than that)

My own result….

Plays read: 13 (9 Shakespeare; 1 Greek—Euripides; 1 Oscar Wilde; 1 Anton Chekhov, 1 George Bernard Shaw)
Most favorite: Julius Caesar
Most failure: Romeo and Juliet
Plays I’d like to read next: Aeschylus’ Agamemnon; Aristophanes’ The Birds; Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus; Ibsen’s A Doll’s House; Wilder’s Our Town; Williams’ A Streetcar named Desire; Miller’s Death of A Salesman; Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral; Wilde’s and Chekhov’s plays and many more… :))

Last but not least…. we still have the…


From 22 posts, here is the winner (picked by random dot org):

Maria (Hobby Buku’s Classic)

Congratulations Maria!

If you haven’t participated, there are still one whole month to prepare the requested task, jump to Dessy’s post to learn about it!

So now… :( I guess it’s time to say good bye to Let’s Read Plays, and all the yearlong fun of reading those plays! Again, thank you all for participating, for sharing the fun, and for inspiring each other! Love you all, guys….

P.S. You are welcomed to post a wrap up in your blog if you like (not mandatory) and share the link here. Or at least, you can share your outcome, your experience, your feeling, even your critics during Let’s Read Plays, via the comment box.

P.S.S. (sadly) I won’t host another plays event next year, but you can count on me that I will be hosting ANOTHER intriguing reading challenge—just keep on checking my blog for the next few days ;)


  1. Congrats to Maria and congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! (I didn't. Hahahaha XD) However it's been fun. I only managed to read 5 plays out of the supposedly 12 and participated in 2 monthly memes, but joining this event made me want to explore more plays, nonetheless.

    Thanks for hosting this event! :)

    1. So, congratulation to you too, nonetheless, for breaking the iceberg of reading plays (especially Shakespeare) :)

  2. That was one of my favourite events ever! Although I didn't have enough energy to post about every act, as I did with Macbeth, I still enjoyed most of the plays I chose! Here's my wrap up post:

    Million thanks for coming up with this wonderful idea and hosting this event, Fanda! That was fun!

    1. Aww...thanks Ekaterina! I'm glad you've enjoyed the event, and the plays you've read. Thanks for your active participation too.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting! I really loved this challenge and had so much fun completing it. My wrap up post will go up on Monday.

    1. Thanks to you too for participating, and congrats for completing the challenge! Am looking forward to your wrap up post ;)

  4. Owww...I win (finally mr. awesome random pick me), thank you (^_^)
    You know, I thought this event done by November ... my mistake (>,<)
    I will make wrap-up post at this month too, along with others RC.
    Thanks again for hosting this event, I never ever read Shakespeare if not because of this event.

    1. Congrats! Don't forget to let me know what book you choose for the prize, OK? ;)

  5. Aah, finally I've made this wrap up
    Thanks for hosting, even it's below my target, 9 great plays a year isn't bad at all :)

    1. Not at all, of course. It's just a start, because after this you'd read more and more play. Thanks for joining us for the whole year, bzee! :)


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