Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Kaleidoscope 2013 - Announcement

At about the same time last year, I started a new feature in this blog called Book Kaleidoscope 2012. This feature was my way of wrapping up and rewinding my reading for the whole year, at the end of it. For fun, I have invited my followers to do the same. Unexpectedly, many bloggers were excited to participate and submit their posts. So this year, I decided to host the Book Kaleidoscope 2013. This time I extend it to five criteria (five top five!) and each post will have their own linkys; each linky will be opened until January 31st, 2014. I will post according to my scheduled date, but you can choose your own most convenient time to post it, as long as it’s not later than January 31st.

Day 1 - Top Five Book Boy/Girl Friends

From all the books you have read throughout the year, rank five male characters (if you are female) or five female characters (if you are male) you love the most. Tell us the reason, and it would be great if you use images to describe them (if the book has been made into movie, you can share photo(s) of the best actors/actresses to perform them).
My post schedule: 26 December 2013

Day 2 – Top Five Most Memorable Quotes

Do you have any quotes that touched you deeply or reminded you of something special? Pick five that are most memorable to you, rank them, and let us know why they’re special to you.
My post schedule: 27 December 2013

Day 3 – Top Five Best Book Covers

Rank five covers of books you have read in 2013. Pick the edition that you really read, but if you read ebook, at least pick the one that you used for your post. Tell us why you think them gorgeous.
My post schedule: 28 December 2013

Day 4 – Top Five of Your Own Criteria

Last year, several bloggers initiatively created their own criteria for the kaleidoscope (besides the existing three I created then). So, this year, I decided to dedicate day 4 as a freebie day. Pick your own criteria (besides the existing four)—any aspects from books; rank five of your most favorites, and tell us why you choose them. If you don’t have any (better) idea, you are welcomed to join mine: Top Five Underappreciated Secondary Characters.
My post schedule: 30 December 2013

Day 5 – Top Five Most Favorite Books

No explanation needed for this criteria, of course…; just rank and let us know books you find most awesome, and you have enjoyed the most! (and why…).
My post schedule: 31 December 2013

  1. The linky will be opened below each of my posts on the scheduled date.
  2. You can use any books to join (don’t have to be classics), but it MUST BE FICTION.
  3. You are free to join all criteria, or just one or more criteria.
  4. For Indonesian blogger, you are free to post in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. I’d be grateful if you put a link back to this master post in your Book Kaleidoscope posts, but it’s up to you, of course.
  6. You are free to put the Book Kaleidoscope button on your blog.
  7. Let’s rewind it and have fun! :)


  1. Mau ikutan ah, sekalipun ga banyak buku yang aku baca tahun ini.. :D

    1. Siip! Aku juga gak banyak kok buku yg dibaca, tp selalu aja gak pernah kekurangan kandidat... ;)

  2. I definitely wanted to make some kind of series of end-of-the-year posts and this is awesome, Fanta :) My thoughts are already moving between the different criteria. I will definitely take part in the end of December.

  3. tahun ini ada lagi :D
    Duh, bingung yang quote nih. gak pernah nyatet quote soalnya -.-

    1. Asal gak ada halangan, maunya bikin tiap thn. Kalo emang gak ada kandidat, skip jg gpp kok.

  4. Happy New Year! I love this feature, but learning about it a little too late. I will try participate next year if you are still hosting.

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Actually you can still join until 31st January, but it's OK if you want to skip this year. I'll definitely host it again next year....ehm...I mean THIS year (I write this on January 1st, 2014) :)

  5. mau ikuuuut, tapi aku bacanya masih yang Young Adults fiction, gapapa nih? hehehe


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