Friday, November 1, 2013

The Classics Club Sync Read: David Copperfield

This is my first participation ever in The Classics Club Sync Read. David Copperfield is in my list, and is one of the books I’ve been longing to delve in. Last year I also read a Dickens (Great Expectations) in December, and it was very enjoyable moment. So, I think I will repeat that again this year. Perhaps Christmas holiday is the best time to read Dickens? :)

Fortunately, The Classics Club is hosting a sync read from November 1st through December 30. So, I will start reading David Copperfield today, but this will be a very slow read because I’m still with Moby Dick too at this moment. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holiday, though, when—I hope—I can dedicate most of my time at home with Dickens! :) A very tempting way to end the year, don’t you think?

the copy I'll be reading

So, do you want to join the Sync Read? Or have you read David Copperfield? Do you like it?

P.S. Just realized that November 5th would be a national holiday (moslem's new year) in Indonesia, so I'm going to have my personal readathon of David Copperfield starting at 7 pm on Monday, and ending at 9 pm on Tuesday. Let's see how many pages/chapters I'd be able to swallow! ;)


  1. I far too many books I'm reading right now, but I think I'll have to try to squeeze this one in. I love Charles Dickens and I haven't read this one since high school (about 15 years ago!).

    1. Come on, let's read together, it'll be more fun :)


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