Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Song of Solomon – Chapter Summary Part 2

Following Part 1 summary, here are the chapter summary of Song of Solomon Part 2 (the last one).

Chapter 10

Milkman went to the South to get the gold from the cave, but found nothing. He met Circe—the old woman who hid Macon and Pilate after their father’s death—and combining her and Pilate’s stories, he concluded that Pilate must have brought the gold from the cave and hid it somewhere. And now he went on to retrace her tracks.

Chapter 11

He arrived at Shalimar, where his people (the Deads) used to live, while Guitar sent him death-message Seven Days style, though he didn’t believed it at first. He got an unpleasant welcome from the people because he was rich; he survived from a fight with them, and then was invited to join night hunting by other group. During the hunting Guitar has attempted to strangle him but failed; and from the hunting folks he got more information about his grandmother’s family.

Chapter 12

Milkman visited a woman—Susan Byrd—who was the niece of his grandmother, Sing, but here he lost the trace. Guitar met him finally; he wanted to kill him because he thought Milkman secretly shipped the gold to own it himself. From children’s song in a game, Milkman found the missing link about his ancestors’ history.

Chapter 13

Back to Susan Byrd’s, Milkman got the real story about his great grandfather Solomon who ran away with his wife Sing; but he then ‘flew’ away and left his grieved wife lost her mind. Meanwhile Hagar also lost her mind after Milkman left her, and finally died.

Chapter 14

Milkman returned to Susan Byrd’s, and this time had the missing pieces were revealed; how Solomon had twenty one children, and Jake—Milkman’s grandfather—was one of them. A woman named Heddy who had a daughter named Sing took care of Jake after his father left him. Jake then left their hometown in a wagon, after marrying Sing, and directed to the North.

Chapter 15

Excited with his investigation result, Milkman went home, only to learn that Hagar was dead. He told Pilate that the bones in her sack actually belonged to her own father. He then took Pilate to Shalimar, but Guitar followed them and shot Pilate to death. Milkman knew that he’d kill him next, but before that—imitating his grandfather—he leapt towards Guitar.


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