Saturday, July 21, 2012

Literary Classics Challenge - Friday Progress (6)

A Woman Reading - Ivan Olinsky
This month has been crawling quite slowly… I mean both in my real and in literary life. Especially in literary I think, because I’ve spent the first two whole weeks to finish The Old Curiosity Shop [see my review], which by the way, worth the time and effort. Although it is quite engaging—like all Dickens’ serious novels—I could enjoy the story at the same time. I think OCS is the best Dickens I have read so far, for although A Tale of Two Cities is equal in writing quality, but I found OCS is more deeply touching my soul. The characters are more memorable too, compared to Tale of Two Cities—which only have Sydney Carton as the most memorable one.

Finished with OCS, I directly buried in Twenty Years After, the sequel of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. After the slow pace of Dickens, Dumas takes me directly into a fresh gallop J. In only 6 days I have been proceeding to more than 300 pages (from 688!), it’s quite fast for me to read classics!

I wish to finish Twenty Years by around next week, but I will perhaps slip one or two Victorian classics short stories during this weekend. How about you? How is your classics reading for this week?

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