Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Victorian Celebration Wrap Up

Two months have been running so fast…and suddenly we have arrived in the last day of July, meaning that A Victorian Celebration, the event hosted by Allie will soon end. I suddenly realized that for the last two months (or at least the entire July) all my readings are classics-victorian-in-english books. Wow! I mean, I am Indonesian, and reading seven books—all in English—for the whole two months was a new record to me, really! When I first put the list, I did not think I will “survive”, I only thought…yeah, it’s only a list, I can just scrap few books of them if it turned out I could not make it. But in the end, instead of scrapping few books, I managed to add one book and three short stories into the list :) Here are they:

The original list:
Sketches by Boz - Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens: Dickens Bicentenary 2012 - Lucinda Dickens Hawksley
Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
The Old Curiosity Shop - Charles Dickens
Twenty Years After - Alexandre Dumas
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson

In the end, I scrapped Dr Jekyll, and replaced it with

…and added this to the list:

Besides those novels, I have also added three short stories:
The Three Strangers - Thomas Hardy
A Terribly Strange Bed - Wilkie Collins
The Half-Brothers - Elizabeth Gaskell

Other than the books, I also posted two author profiles, both of them are Non English Victorian Authors:

And from Sketches by Boz, I posted four independent posts about Victorian London based on the description in the book:

Finally, I can only say that I really-really enjoyed A Victorian Celebration. It was fun, very fun! All with the posts of all participants (and I must admit I only read several of them), Victorian book reviews, Victorian authors, also quiz and giveaways. Thanks a bunch to Allie, for all your efforts to host this event, it gave me the opportunity to savour the privilege of Victorian readings! I hope we can do something like this again i the future!. :)


  1. Wow -- you got SO MUCH read!! Congrats on a great Victorian Event, Fanda! Especially with it all being in English. That's SO IMPRESSIVE! :-)

    1. Thanks Jillian, I'm so proud of myself too, I must reward myself by reading anything like now, before going back to classics (but I think I have fallen in love too deep to classics, that even when I have a chance to choose a book I'd like to read, I would think of another Dickens :))

  2. Wow! You should see what I did. Haha. Nothing! It's great to read such tremendous volumes in only two months. Great, great job!

    1. Yeah..but I'm exhausted now, reading Victorian classics turned out to be somehow tiring!


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