Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let’s Read Plays: Check-In #2

Dear LRP-ers… I feel rather guilty for abandoning our yearlong reading event. My excuse will be that I’ve been very busy with my reading schedule and other reading events (classic excuses, I know!). Now we are in the end of the 6th month of Let’s Read Plays, meaning that we have been through a half of the challenge. Let’s get to this check-in straight away….

You are invited to answer these questions in the comment box, or if you’d like to write a dedicated post, please feel free to leave your link in the comment box. You’re not obliged to answer all questions, and you can share your thoughts freely.

How have your Let’s Read Plays been during these six months, still exciting, or a bit boring? Did you read all the monthly themes, or did you miss several ones?

So far I only missed one, the Shakespeare’s History for February. But I am not going to abandon Richard III (the history play I planned to read); I’ve re-scheduled it for June (this time I’m going to make sure I would make it!). As for the rest, I could read every theme though not always in time. I’m still excited to read those famous plays, although I don’t think I’m going to be a big fan of plays in the end. But reading it every month really helps me to challenge myself.

What has been your favorite, or your failure (if any)?

Julius Caesar is the first play I have read for LRP, and it turns out to be my most favorite, along with Anthony and Cleopatra. See… I am always a fan of historical plays and anything about ancient Rome!

Which play are you expecting the most in the next six months?

Richard III; being another historical play, and I’m going to read it for my WEM self-project as well. I’m also anticipating to get back to Oscar Wilde again, he’s always hilarious and witty; An Ideal Husband is waving at me right now, though I must calm him down for a while until June :). And I’m excited to try George Bernard Shaw too, whom I pick for next freebie theme in September; Saint Joan (another historical theme…) would be my choice.

Have you been participated in Let’s Read Plays memes? Are you excited to participate more in the future?

Just to remind you, we have two memes for Let’s Read Plays. One is Listra’s Play Monthly Meme, with different topic each month. May’s would be music, one of the most interesting aspects in plays, I think, worth to expect very soon! You can read all the topics here.

The other meme is Character Thursday for Let’s Read Plays. You can write about character(s) from plays you read, and post it on Thursdays. You can put the linky in my Character Thursday for the week. At the end of Let’s Read Plays, each CT post would be counted as an entry for my Giveaway! You can check our characters collection here. And for you who have posted your CTs, please kindly check whether your posts have been added into the list. Poke me if I have missed it! :)

Let’s continue to have fun with plays, and see you again at our next check-in around July….


  1. I also missed Richard III :(
    And I fail to do some reviews on time.. sigh
    Must manage my readings >.<
    I definitely look forward to reading Oscar Wilde, and also plays by other authors; I've got Death of A Salesman and A Streetcar Named Desire waiting :D

    1. Do you want to read it along with me in June? :)

  2. I've really enjoyed most of the plays I've read. I've done all the monthly themes, except I swapped April and May's theme.

    Love's Labour's Lost has been my least favorite play so far. I'm really looking forward to re-reading The Importance of Being Earnest!

    I haven't done the memes, only the monthly posts on the plays I've read. I may do one of the Character Thursdays in the future though!

    1. You've done a great job so far, Melissa! Congratulations, you seems to be the most consistent LRP-ers ;)

      I'm looking forward to your Character Thursday, then...

  3. If you were interested in reading more Greek plays there is a group of us that hopes to read through them year-by-year from about 430 to 399 BCE.

    If you or anyone else would like to join us we will be reading and interacting by Twitter, blog and bi-monthly Skype chats.

    More details here:

    1. I don't I would find time to read more Greek plays this year, but thanks for the invitation... :)


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