Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Taming of The Shrew Quote: Play Monthly Meme April

This month's prompt for Listra's Play Monthly Meme, as a part of Let's Read Plays event pick the easier topic so far: 

Memorable Quote

When Lucentio decided to disguise as a school teacher to approach Bianca, his servant Tranio—knowing that Lucentio would soon bury himself into books—advised his master to put pleasure too into consideration:

No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en. In brief, sir, study what you most affect

And I am 100% agree with Tranio. Every job, every task, would never bear any decent fruit if we don’t love it. Maybe with a severe determination, we could achieve something from tasks we loath, but in the end, is it worth? It would only desperate us.

Bless us all, book bloggers who love to read books, and put huge efforts to write reviews, to host events, and to patiently maintain our blogs, only to gain satisfaction in the end! :)

As this meme is about quote, I’ll include this post in my 20th Weekend Quote, a weekly meme also hosted by the fair Shakespeare’s lover: Listra….

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  1. "Fair Shakespeare lover"? Thou liest, Lady, for I'm neither fair nor pretty, although a lover truly.

    I've never read the play. So, I can't give any decent comment. But isn't Tranio a funny guy? I have a feeling that he is. :)

    1. Tranio isn't very funny, he's rather smart than funny, I think.
      The funniest one is Petruchio's servant (Grumio's the name, I think).


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