Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winner Announcement – Me And Dickens Meme & Giveaway

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who had been participating in #MeAndDickens meme by posting your “present” for Dickens on his birthday. Actually, I did not expect too much from this meme, as I know that some efforts would be needed to produce something unique—and there not many of us who have time and interest for it. It turned out, however, that this meme have interested not less than nine of Celebrating Dickens participants, and they all have produced equally unique and creative posts, that made me think hard before choosing a winner!

You can check their posts here, and let me know which one is your favorite. Of those nine, these certain posts have been my favorites (based on the linky order):

Astrid – with her confession-poem

It’s so hard for me to pick one of them, because I love them all, each in different way. But, I must pick only one winner, so….trying to ‘borrow’ Dickens’ way of thinking (if that is ever possible!), I announce here the winner of Me and Dickens meme IS….

……drum roll……


While Dickens would have been very pleased to read all the ten posts—mine included.. :)—I believe he would particularly be intrigued by Melisa’s message to him, in addition to her word-crafting, of course. What made Dickens’ books famous until now is—one of them—his unique characters; not only unique in personalities, but also unique in names (Plornish, Micawber, Dorrit, Havisham, ….you name it!). And Melisa expressed her admiration to that quality of Dickens in her message, which I believe, would be agreeable to the author! Not mentioning Melisa’s rather witty style in writing it, just as how Dickens is always famous of.

Congratulations to Melisa, you can choose any book from Penguin English Library as your reward. Don’t forget to let me know which book you’d choose. And for the rest of you, thanks again for your efforts, it might not be your lucky day yet, but don’t worry, there will be another giveaway at the end of Celebrating Dickens!


  1. Gosh I haven't the slightest hint that I will win! Especially with that kind of tough competition. Again, thanks. (you must be tired of me saying thanks already, hehehe)

  2. Awwww congrats mel! And thanks for hosting such a fun event mba fanda, and also chose my poem as one of your faves :)

  3. Congratulations, Melisa! Your word-crafting was beautiful, and I entirely agree that Dickens would love it. And to Fanda, I'm with Astrid: thanks for hosting! It was a lovely event. :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Caro, and your short story is very entertaining too! :)


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