Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebrating Dickens – Master Post

Celebrating Dickens is extended to March 3rd, 2013 at 11:59 pm (GMT +7)

It’s finally here!—Celebrating Dickens—the reading event to celebrate the 201st anniversary of Charles Dickens. 38 participants have signed up since end of last year, if you haven’t, please do it at once. The sign up will be closed on February 5th, after that you can still join us, but will lose the privilege to be entered in any giveaways during the event.

What will we do during February?

Read and review his works (books, short stories, poems, plays etc.) as well as books about Dickens, watch movies adaptations of his books, share thoughts about Dickens, analyze his famous book’s characters, or share how Dickens has been affecting your life. In short, during February you could post anything, as many as possible, all about Dickens. We will be celebrating Dickens the whole month!

Put your posts links in the linky below, but please don’t forget to check and follow the format before you click the ‘submit’ button :)

Is that all?

No! We are going to have more fun…

Dickens Mini Readalongs
Want to read Dickens with one or more friend(s) so that you can discuss it with them? I have created a Mini Readalongs. You can simply comment in the post if you'd like to join others or to create a new one.

‘Me and Dickens’ Meme & Giveaway
Birthday should get along with gifts! For Dickens' 201st anniversary, you could join 'Me and Dickens' Meme which take place on February 7th, as your special gift to Mr. Dickens. The best part is, it comes with giveaway too (only for participants who sign up by latest February 5th)

Character Thursday
Dickens has often been admired for his famous characters. If you are inspired to talk about these characters (either from books you’re going to read for this event or from any Dickens books), you are welcomed to join me in Character Thursdays. Post about your character(s) on Thursday(s) and add the link into the linky in my post on each week.

And still….

Another Giveaway!
My birthday happens to be in February too, so I feel rather generous to throw just another giveaway :), this time for all participants who sign up by latest February 5th. All your entries in the linky below would be eligible to win….

Classics book(s) of your choice max. $10 from The Book Depository

I will randomly pick one entry as a winner on March 4th in my wrap up post for the event.

Well…what are you waiting for? Go grab your Dickens and start reading! :)  

P.S. If you have any question, you can comment here or mention me (@Fanda_A) on twitter. To discuss or to browse any discussion/updates on this event, simply use hashtag #celebDickens.


  1. You know I'm in! I'm reading Dombey and son and I can't wait post about me and Dickens.

    1. Have fun with Dombey and Son, Melissa! I'm looking forward to Me & Dickens too; I'm in the process of creating mine, but I'm excited to see/read your posts, guys! :)

  2. I signed up a while ago, been looking forward to this event.
    It sounds great Fanda :)

    1. Yeah, I'm excited too, let's be a Dickensian this February! :)

  3. I'm planning on reading Pictures from Italy, but when I will get the time I do not know!

    I really need to go to bed and read and get offline or I'll be reading NOTHING. :)

    1. Haha...good idea o, I'm just online to get your comments, and (hopefully) after that I can force myself to turn off my computer and get reading!

      That will be great if you read Pictures from Italy, I haven't read any reviews on that, hope you can make it. :)

  4. Fanda, due to the busyness of my life this month i have fallen behind in my reading so I won't be finished with A Tale of Two Cities in time to post for the event. I know there's no pressure but just wanted to tell you since I did sign up for the event. :)

    1. That's OK Joon Ann, at least you have started the reading, and I hope it brings you fun! If you post your review after the linky is closed, please feel free to leave a comment in Master Post, so I can read it. :) Thanks by the way for joining Celebrating Dickens!

    2. I'll do that. Thank you. :)

  5. Fanda, It's not much but here's my post on A Tale of Two Cities. :)


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