Saturday, December 11, 2021

#AdventReading Day-11: The Christmas Mystery - Balthazar


Credit: Flora Waycott

Day 11 is a bit different for Joachim, as now the secret pieces of paper from his Advent calendar has become a family secret, so that he can now (almost halfway through to Christmas) share all the excitement and wonder with his parents.

Caspar isn't alone now; the second Wise Man joins the group - it's Balthazar, King of Sheba. The groups first finds him on a boat on the side of Rhine river; they think he's the ferryman. 

The year is 1186, and Ephiriel points out at some beautiful churches. I begin to think that Ephiriel's showing churches at every phase of their journey must means something. Perhaps it's to highlight how Christianity has developed since Christ's born 2000 years ago? 

Anyway, Impuriel says something worth to reflect:

"Christmas is the world's biggest birthday party, for everybody in the whole world is invited to join in. That's why the party has lasted for so many years."

We celebrate Christmas every year, but has it ever occurred to us whose birthday we are celebrating? Or do we tend to assume Christmas as OUR own party? 

The next moment the group meet a rider on horseback (that is also the picture appears inside door no. 9 of the Advent calendar). He's a soldier, and is really scared when Impuriel impulsively buzzes around him crying: "Fear not! Fear not! Fear not!" Poor soldier... LOL!! 

They are in a town called Worms, in the year 1119, and about to journey through the Alps, following a route over the St. Bernard Pass. Can't wait to read their next adventure!

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