Monday, December 13, 2021

#AdventReading Day-13: The Christmas Mystery - The Sixth Sheep

credit: Flora Waycott

Today is the 13th day of Advent, and the story gets more mysterious and complicated every day. Remember the existence of two Advent calendars, Joachim's and Elisabet's? Well, today Elisabet finds a picture of an Advent calendar, just like hers, inside the 12th door of HER Advent calendar. She asks Quirinius what's inside it (the Advent calendar in the picture), and his answer would make your head spin.

Each door contains Elisabet's fragments of name - real and reversed. So in door-1 is Elisabet, door-2 Lisabet, then Isabet and so on until Et. After that came Te, Teb, and so on until Tebasile inside door 14. Next door is repeating door 1, and so there's door 22, 23, and 24 left. Door 22 is for Roma, 23 is Amor, and the last one is for Jesus.

Every letter of J-E-S-U-S are printed in different colors, representing all the colors of rainbow. And sure enough, rainbow is in the picture inside door 13 of Joachim's Advent calendar. You can't expect less, can you?

Like us, Elisabet is wondering: why rainbow? The answer is quite as beautiful as the rainbow:

"When it’s been raining heavily, and the sun breaks through the dark clouds, the rainbow appears in the sky. It’s as if a little bit of Jesus is in the air, for Jesus was a rainbow between heaven and earth."

By the way, they are now in Italy, in the 10th century. It's year 904 when they reach a trading city called Pavia, which, says Ephiriel, had a university that was famous throughout Europe. I wonder what a university looked like in the 10th century!

Next they are about to go across the River Po by boat, when a farmer offers a sheep to them. And so, now there are... err... how many of them? Anyway, right after they are on the river, Quirinius asks Elisabet to open door no. 13 of HER Advent calendar, inside which a man carrying a sheep appear on the picture....

I must leave you here before your head spinning much faster.

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